Making Concrete Benches

Casting FormsTo make concrete benches you need to create forms to cast the concrete. These forms can be made of plywood and 2 x 4;s, styrofoam or plastic. The simplest form can be made from a five-gallon bucket. Just cut out the bottom and fill it with concrete. All forms are constructed...



Help Meant for Single Mothers

According to, there are above 1,500 household government grant programs available to your American open for This last year alone alone, with more than 1,000 federal government Government grant programs, All day and,000 declare ...

Duties of a Municipal Treasurer

Municipal Treasurers control finances for all forms of local government.Success & Wealth image by wayne ruston from Fotolia.comThough the specific duties of a municipal treasurer can vary based on the municipality in which she works; its size and complexity, as well as the position"s...


Fire Pits & Pasta Dishes - a Great Combination

The summer season is now upon us and it's time to start spending quality time outdoors on those beautiful summer nights. One of the best aspects of summer is getting creative with your gatherings. In the winter, you have one option and that option is to be indoors hidden from the harsh reality

2011 Hairstyle Winners

Your hair is an important component of your style so your hairstyle should complement your personality and overall appearance. From divas to the hottest celebrities or busy moms on the go, hair in 2011 will be all about versatility and renewal of hairstyles gone by. We will see the rebirth of classi

Day 18 -- Make Popsicles

Plan for day 18 - what summer would be complete without the messy fun of making and eating popsicles? But okay, if you aren't looking forward to the mess, check out the tip on mess-free popsicles.