5 "Must Haves" For Every Online Business Startup

There is no age limit or qualification requirements to start an online business. There are many legitimate online businesses to start for people of all ages, backgrounds, education and technical skills. Here are 5 features that your online business startup needs so that your prospective customers wi


More Exercise Means Less Stress

Stress is a reaction to things happening in your life and as a result you experience a 'fight or flight' reaction by more adrenaline being produced in your blood to enable you to react primitively to the stress by running away from, or staying where you are and fighting the perceived dange

How Do I Balance My Own Needs With Those of Others?

We don't choose our neighbours, nor our bosses and work-mates, not even our relatives. Sometimes these people are uncomfortable to live with, difficult to talk to, or they oppose our hopes and aspirations. How do you deal with the unwelcome challenge of having to respond to what others want tha