Yunnan Copper To Clarify The Holdings In The Aluminum Mass

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Company to clarify the announcement that the next 3 months, the aluminum company does not continue to buy 7% stake in Yunnan Copper Group,the relevant intention. In addition,zinc oxide msds, the aluminum company has set up a Chinese copper company, not the Chinese Copper Industry Group. The company currently only as a copper plate of aluminum to create a platform for the company, whether the load of Yunnan Copper Group, China, Copper, Aluminum Company is stepping up efforts in the planning.

Analysis, the company is the production and sale of copper concentrates and other non-ferrous metal mineral products, high purity copper cathode, copper billet electrical,zinc oxide uses, industrial sulfuric acid, gold and silver based company, is the size of China's copper smelting and copper One of the largest enterprises; from medium to long term, important and copper is a national shortage of strategic materials, widely used in electric power, military, machinery, telecommunications, home appliances and other industries, the domestic copper consumption growth and lead to the production of high concentration of copper supply and demand imbalance in the coming years there will not be substantially changed; in response to financial crisis, China issued a series of economic stimulus plan; the Yunnan provincial government, the leadership in the aluminum companies, and Yunnan Copper Group, parent company of outstanding resources for company to resolve the current operational risk, security, weather the storm will play a crucial role.

However, the global stock market downturn, poor business efficiency,zinc oxide supplier, the future financing of business for some time lead to a greater obstacle may be to the company financing the project construction and production brought about uncertainty. Third, the company raw material self-sufficiency rate is not high, the company competitiveness in the market to be further strengthened.

The Shenzhen Component Index is reported to 12,011.42 points,zinc oxide, down 1.68%.
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