10 Traits For Sales Ability

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Much is said and written about techniques and systems for successful selling.
 Even the best system can fail when the delivery is lacking.
 In order to be productive, a sales person must use these seven traits and abilities.
 If they are missing, so are results.
Confidence: You must have and portray confidence in yourself, in your product, in your company, and in your mission.
 If you are not convinced, you cannot convince others.
Sincerity:  You must believe in what you are saying and selling.
 Your genuineness and authenticity will go a long way in convincing your prospective client.
Receptivity: You must truly listen to your client in order to hear and determine their wants.
 Your interested and approachable manner will do much to help establish trust.
Flexibility: Demonstrate adaptable behavior in your thoughts and your responses.
 Practice until you are able to follow your customer and be accommodating while still maintaining progress toward your objective - which is filling their need and making a sale.
Humor: Most sales are not a life and death situation - and a little lightness helps balance the heaviness of money decisions.
 Your use of humor must be appropriate and correctly timed to be of value.
 Bravery:  You must be able to stand silence while decisions are being made; you must be brave enough to ask your clients to take the next step; you must be brave enough to answer objections calmly; you must be brave to be in sales.
Gratefulness: You must be grateful for the opportunity each business contact presents, and for the result whatever it is..
a sale, a learning opportunity, a potential referral, a new contact.
 Gratitude is politeness toward Spirit.
Organized: To best serve everyone, you must leave nothing out, dot all the 'i's' and cross the't's' at the time.
 Later, be organized enough to have a system for follow-up and follow-through.
Tolerant: Be understanding of others viewpoints, attitudes, defenses and abilities.
 If you are unable to work with this customer because of their behavior, excuse yourself, but do not be so unprofessional as to try and change their belief system just because it does not match yours.
 Most of all, maintain your excitement to participate in the entire process - to help others, to be helped by them and to play the game of sales.
     If any of these are missing, sales training or coaching may be in order to amp up your results.
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