How to Fight E-Mail Spam

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I know each and every one of us wants to have clean email inbox folders for us to have an organized email accounts.
But the problem there are lot of spam emails being sent to our inbox that contains different advertisements which we are not familiar with and that was really annoying.
Here are some of the effective ways on how to fight this spam problem.
• Check your firewall - This security feature in Windows is your 1st defense against spam.
It will protect your network for different attacks that may enters • Check for Viruses - Be sure to scan at least three times a month to check for viruses, especially if you are using Outlook and change your password.
• Use Email Filters - What can email filters do is it will automatically quarantine viruses from emails, and spam before reaching the servers on your network.
• Spam Blacklist - This prevention technique is actually a database of collective spam in the net and you can set it to your server and it will automatically check all incoming emails and it will match if there are related spams in the database.
• Check relay setting - This will help trigger which server has the right time to send SMTP emails on behalf of the organization.
You can easily limit the IP address to email users or else spammers will take advantage with your mail server and send unsolicited e-mails.
• Blocking port 25 - This method will allow your outbound traffic on TCP port 25 as it is used for email traffic.
Blocking this port will prevent mass mails and spam zombies.
• Applying Reverse DNS - By using reverse DNS it will have an IP address with a domain name and they spam check and match the email address domain name with the IP address and if it does not match, it will be considered as spam.
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