Get A Premium Google Maps Business Listing On The Front Page Of Google

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Do you want to know what the fuss is all about? then i guess you have come to the right article, because although i am no article writer but i make up for it when it comes to advertising websites, providing backlinks but more importantly getting businesses number 1-4 on google maps front page with a business listing and i'm the king of listing businesses on google maps/places. why? because i love doing my work and love the success of seeing a business that used to be google page 2-10 turn up on google page 1.

Im a self-confessed internet marketer and that's how i live my life, and choose to help others grow a better business through deep backlinking or a listing on google maps with help from myself and another internet guru who knows the internet like the back of his mouse.

Using such tecniques as these Keyword research and finalization, Meta tag creation, W3 validation, XML site map creation, Directories, Forums, Blogs, Articles, Socia,l Media, Viral Media, Reciprocal Links, One Way Links, Link Request,  Emails, Link Exchanging, Blogroll Requests and many other ways to promote websites which we have either created ourselves or approached the owners and kind of perfected their online presance with better results that the SERPS wants to see.

It's one thing to know something and not not do anything about it but it's another to watch businesses fail to get anywhere on the web and that's where we jump in to provide our unique service that is better for everyone, maybe not your competition i guess.

We have had great support from our local government who helped us with the funding but what good is any funding if you don't have the right skills?

My main objectives now over the next few months is to make everyone aware of my services because even if i have to half my costs or offer some type of trial to show people how serious i am about my marketing business, then so be it.

I really love my job and its not that often to come across an article where you see someone as quiet as me offer my online services for next to nothing so if you have a blog or a website that isn't doing too well then please contact me and i would love to be able to help you.

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