Creative Ideas for Local Business Marketing

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With more people doing searches online from their smart phones, small business owners need creative marketing ideas to separate themselves from the competition.
Keeping your local business marketing efforts fresh is tough and requires a great deal of creativity.
One often missed opportunity is to market directly to customers who use smart phones.
Mobile phone optimized websites appear plain but functional for the user who's using a smart phone.
But a major benefit of using a smart phone is having the ability to watch videos.
Combining a video on a mobile optimized webpage is a perfect match.
Anything entertaining that can convey your message to your potential customer will help distinguish you from your competition especially if it's something that your competition isn't using yet.
Another advantage of using cartoon video to promote your message or business is having the ability to keep the content fresh.
Take for example a regular video production using live people.
In order to change a completed video you would need to use the same cast and remake the video which means your cost would increase.
But using a cartoon video and keeping the same format or template, it's as simple as going back and typing in what each character should say if you ever need any changes in the future.
This avoids having to reschedule a major production just for a few changes in the video.
The live video presentation will most likely have to be completely remade if it cannot be with just adding a few new scenes.
And the entertainment value, well we all know how successful the Simpsons and Family Guy is.
A well thought out storyline and humorous script will not only entertain your potential customers but get your message across.
With cartoons, the possibilities are almost endless.
Who doesn't love watching one cartoon character smash another over the head with a cooking pan! There are things that we can get away with in a cartoon that we can't in real life and most of the times this is the comedy we all like to see and it can be used in your marketing message and custom cartoon video.
Cartoon videos can promote a wide range of markets and niches.
Even special events, special offers and grand openings.
Some of the most successful cartoon promotions are the ones that run in a series.
It starts off with the first cartoon video making a big impact and introducing the characters during the story.
Then the story continues and gives a great opportunity to send your prospects and customers another one when the next cartoon video is ready to be released.
The cartoon videos can be embedded into a blog, website or sent with a direct link through a email campaign.
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