Alternate / Weird Uses for Bucket Trucks

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Sure, bucket trucks are used to help people cut limbs on trees, line-men to reach wires, and workers to change lights and bulbs. But, what about to improve a view for a photo or to enhance a water balloon fight. In this article, I will highlight some uses of bucket trucks that are rather unconventional and can be dangerous so don't rush out and try them without training or supervision.

Bucket trucks can reach as high as 150'. The view at that height is captivating so no wonder photographers are using bucket trucks more and more to snap inspiring photos of nature or objects. Bucket trucks are used by the photographer to get a clearer shot of the their target and also use the height to include a larger frame for the photo. Never would I reccomend using a bucket truck if you aren't experienced or trained to do so.

On the extreme side, thrill seekers are using very tall bucket trucks and cranes to bungie jump out of. Obviously, this is incredibly dangerous and I would never reccomend anyone try this. The idea of jumping out of a basket 150 feet in the air makes my skin crawl but, I'm sure there are those out there that are considering trying this. To those considering attempting this, I say "you didn't hear it from me." Most places won't rent equipment to anyone that doesn't have a commercial insurance policy, so that should cut down on the attempts of bungie jumping out of bucket trucks and cranes.

I saw on tv the other day an extreme water balloon fight. It struck me as odd because they had some one armed to the teeth with water balloons in a bucket truck acting like a sniper and tossing balloons at the people below. Nevermind the cost of renting or buying a bucket truck for a water balloon fight, this is tv after all. I was just taken aback by how I couldn't have ever dreamed up the idea of a competitive advantage in a water balloon fight with bucket truck. I do reccomend everyone try this if possible... Just be safe and don't fall out.

Comment below if you have ever used a bucket truck for anything off the beaten path...
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