Kingpin Repair - Keeping Trailer Repair Costs Down

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Regardless of the type of cargo being hauled, regular annual maintenance in addition to winter maintenance are a must to reduce over all repair cost and achieve a standard of safety.
Both common maintenance and more in depth inspections and preventative measures should be utilized for optimum safety.
While annual maintenance can often be costly, the expense is incomparable to the amount of money that can be spent to repair and replace damaged equipment.
Some general guidelines can help cut costs and streamline your business.
Common sense maintenance measures can be a valuable asset.
Inspecting tire wear and replacing tires with excessive tread wear or defects can prevent flats and blow outs.
Routine inspection of breaks is helpful as habit, but can become especially crucial preparing for winter hauling.
While replacing worn breaks can seem like a hassle, it is far less inconvenient than an accident.
Suspension should also be regularly inspected and repaired when applicable.
Regular repair on this aspect can prevent costly roadside replacements.
Other parts that may need occasional replacement include subframes, valves, hoses, belts, suspension bushings, or other body parts.
Because of the strain of hauling heavy loads long distance, kingpin repair can be a vital piece of the maintenance process.
Usual wear due to metal on metal contact can lead to a need for kingpin replacement if not properly addressed in a timely manner.
According to DOT inspection guidelines, SAE guidelines, PMV guidelines and manufacturer guidelines, when wear reaches 1/8th of the kingpin, repair is no longer an option and the bad kingpin must be replaced.
Failure to address this issue can lead to irreparable damage to the kingpin, bolster plate, and fifth wheel.
Replacing these expensive pieces of equipment can range up to 5k, considerably more than routine maintenance.
Being the main components in fastening the trailer to the semi, these vital parts are essential for both the safety of the operation and the maneuverability of combination vehicles.
Proper lubrication of the fifth wheel is important to ensure the expected life and proper engagement of this piece.
This in addition to regular inspection of the locking mechanisms, top plate, and bracket pins and legs can help ensure proper life of equipment and minimal replacement.
Because kingpin refurbishing can prevent additional damage to other components and costly replacements, it should be a high priority on any maintenance plan.
When it comes to business, maintenance and prevention are much more cost and time effective then repairing damage.
Following these guidelines in the present can prevent risk and headaches in the future.
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