Internet Marketing Tips - How To Prevent Outsourcing Nightmares

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If you're an Internet marketer, you hear this all the time.
"You can't do it all yourself.
You have to outsource.
" Problem is, and I'm sure you've found this out for yourself if you've gone down this road, finding a good person to outsource your work to is easier said than done.
Way too many people out there are less than reliable.
So how do you avoid those outsourcing nightmares? This article should be able to help you in that area.
First thing you want to do is go to places that have decent reputations for finding people to outsource your work to.
While this is by no means fool proof, you're certainly better off than if you head on over to Joe's Bar and Grill.
Probably one of the most reliable places online is Elance.
Aside from that, many of the people advertising their services there are very reasonable with their fees.
Next thing you want to do is get some references from the person.
I know there are going to be some great people out there who have never worked before and will do a terrific job for you, but the last thing you want to do is trust your business to somebody with no track record.
So get references and verify them.
Ask for email addresses so you can contact these people.
Never take anybody's word for anything.
After that, you want to make sure you CLEARLY outline what the person has to do for you.
As much as I hate to say this, a lot of outsourcing nightmares occur because the person doing the hiring doesn't have a clue how to run a business and even less of a clue how to give others instructions.
These people aren't mind readers.
They don't know what you meant...
only what you said.
So make sure those instructions are as clear as a bell.
Finally, and this is the best way to keep the outsourcing individual on track, you want to map out a schedule for when you'd like things to be completed.
You want to make sure you touch base with the person every few days and most of all, you want to get all of this in writing.
If you're contracting somebody to do a backlinking campaign for you, you need to get a contract drawn that says what will be done, when it will be done by and how much the service will cost.
In other words, you want to cover every single base possible.
Outsourcing, ironically, is a job in itself.
Some people you really have to keep hounding, though this shouldn't be necessary.
However, by following the simple tips I've shared in this article, you should be able to keep your outsourcing nightmares to a minimum.
To YOUR Success, Steven Wagenheim
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