Is SMS Marketing the right choice for small business?

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SMS can be a very affordable advertising tool for small business or it can be a very expensive tool. Therefore I believe most small businesses should beware of jumping head first into SMS marketing with their own dedicated short codes. A dedicated short code could cost as much as $7,000 for setup and $1,000 per month on top of the $0.05 to $0.15 per message fees charged by bulk SMS providers. Most small business owners will not have the customer base to make SMS marketing profitable with this kind of startup and monthly fees.

A more realistic approach is to use a shared short code with a provider that has low or no setup fees and low or no per message fees. Look for providers that have no long term contracts as well.
There are providers that offer easy to use web based systems that small businesses can operate and manage their own SMS campaigns with rented keywords. Some have keyword and message bundles for a monthly fee and some rent the keyword for a monthly fee and charge per message fees.

Examples of these are:

EZ Texting which has an easy to use web based system, no setup fees, np contracts, $25 monthly keyword rental and per message fees as low as $0.025 per message. They offer a pay as you go system so you never pay for messages you do not use. They have two message delivery options at $0.025 per message for messages delivered through smtp to sms and Express delivery messages at $0.05 per message are sent through the phone lines using their 6-digit 313131 dedicated short code (phone number) that is directly connected to all the major cell phone carriers. EZ Texting allows you to upload your own list of contacts as well as build your list through keyword campaigns and via website signup to opt-in.

Best Text Marketing which offers no setup fees, no per message fees and no contracts. They charge a monthly fee of $99 and that covers unlimited messages, your keyword and campaign management. Best Text Marketing only allows upload of list with email addresses that will receive an opt-in email to opt-in to SMS campaigns and opt-in keyword campaigns for opting in via SMS.

Either of these two systems provide a very affordable SMS marketing system or as for as that goes a very affordable advertising system period.
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