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How Do You Redeem an iTunes Gift Card?

One of the most popular iPod related gifts, whether for birthdays, holidays, or any other occasion, is the iTunes Gift Card. If you’ve never used the iTunes Store or an iTunes Gift Card before, though, you may not be sure how to proceed. This collection of articles will get you up and running

How to Download Music to iPod Classic 80GB

The iPod Classic is one of many editions in the iPod family. The Classic editions of iPod can be distinguished by a click wheel, unlike the Touch--which lacks a physical wheel, and is wider than smaller editions like the Nano, Mini and Shuffle. The iPod Classic 80GB player can accept audio, video, a

How to Sell Tunes on iTunes

The most popular music retailers no longer resemble strip mall shops and painted mega-stores. Instead, they appear as pixels on your computer screen, digital shops where you can buy music with the click of a button. Apple's iTunes Store is one of the oldest and most popular digital retailers, but yo

How to Sync Only Checked Songs on an iPod

When iTunes is set to automatic sync, the program will attempt to sync the library with your iPod automatically whenever you connect the mobile device to your computer. While this automatic sync makes it easy to keep the iPod up to date with your latest information, you can also choose to sync only

Record Your iPad Screen to Your Mac

Did you know you can capture your iPad's screen for free if you are using a Mac? All you need is the latest Mac OS and you are ready to go!

Can You Put eBooks From Your Computer on Your Android?

Sales of eBooks jumped over 100% from January 2010 to January 2011 with millions of books sold. With this new market exploding, you might want to know how to read the books on the devices you already have, like your Android phone. There are several formats and markets for buying e-books with Android

How to Use an iPod to Move Music

You can use an iPod to move music from one computer to another by using the flash drive inside the iPod as a removable storage device. To do this, you will need to first turn off automatic updates on the iPod to prevent iTunes from overwriting your files when it syncs. You can then copy music to the

How to Install iPod Classic Firmware to iPod Videos

When the iPod Video was first released, it was a huge breakthrough in portable media players. With the release of the iPhone, iPod Touch and video-capable iPod Nanos, the iPod Video took a backseat and became the iPod Classic. With Apple's 2010 iPod refresh, the iPod Classic is the last remaining me

How to Soft Reset an iPhone 3G

A soft, or even a hard, reset does not reset your iPhone 3G to factory settings. That is called restoring your iPhone. A soft reset keeps all of your data on your phone and restarts it, similar to restarting a computer. Soft resetting the phone is when you tell the phone that you want to turn it off

How to Set Up an eCommerce Website for the iPhone

As smartphones become more popular, the activities that individuals perform while on the go are becoming more complex. Most smartphones, like the iPhone, now have web browsers that can perform just as well as a web browser on a desktop computer, which opens the door for mobile online stores. If you'

What Features Does the 5th Generation iPod nano Have?

Apple released the iPod nano in late 2005 to replace the iPod mini. It was a midsized personal audio player, larger than the iPod shuffle but smaller than the iPod classic or iPod touch. In 2009, the iPod nano entered its fifth generation, acquiring a larger screen and a few new features.

Can Scratches on an iPhone Be Fixed?

If you drop your iPhone on the sidewalk and don't have a protective case, it could get scratched. Fortunately, most superficial iPhone scratches can be polished out with fairly standard household items, such as toothpaste or Brasso. You can also purchase a special iPhone cleaner called iDrops, desig

How to Store iPod Earphones

Storing iPod earphones must be done in a specific way to avoid damage to the earphones. Simply wrapping them around the iPod can subject them to wear when placed in your pocket, which can slowly remove the rubber around the earpieces. They can get tangled or lost when disconnected from the device. S

iPhone 2G Tips

The iPhone 2G, named for the wireless network it accesses, was released in 2007 and was the first product in the successful smartphone line. Becoming familiar with the phone's features and specifications will help you get the most out of the device, which was manufactured specifically for AT&T's wir

How to Restore an iPhone Touch

Apple's iPhone gives users the ability to keep track of all their vital contact and event information, in addition to serving as a phone, text device and media player. Along with running the plethora of applications offered by the iTunes store, the strain of all of these functions sometimes causes i