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How to Make a Punk Costume

A punk costume is a bold fashion statement made famous in the mid-1970s by Vivienne Westwood and the punk rock music genre. As a culture that consisted of urban youth with little money, punk clothing consisted of torn, ripped or shredded shirts that were then pieced back together with safety pins. P

How to Make a Construction Paper Butterfly

Making a butterfly from construction paper is a versatile craft that can be made by a person of any age or skill level. The construction paper butterfly may be simple by using a colorful piece of paper or decorated with a variety of arts and crafts supplies. Your creativity and imagination may trans

The Use of a Beekeeping Suit

Before anyone can go out and start beekeeping the correct set of gear and equipment is required to ensure that all safety aspects of beekeeping are adhered to. Bees are gentle but they can be ...

How to Make Mousetrap Vehicles

You can usually construct a mousetrap car with items that you already have around the house. Building a mousetrap car with children is a wonderful way to pass the time on a rainy day. Older children can learn about different principles of physics, while exploring their engineering side, by tinkering

Crayola Glow Station Directions

The Crayola Glow Station is an illuminating art canvas that is designed for children ages six and up. This creativity product uses a special canvas that reacts with the Crayola Light Wand to create luminescent art. It allows little ones to doodle, draw and create glowing illustrations, portraits and

How to Make a White Sailor Hat

If you are going to dress up as a sailor for Halloween, for a class play or presentation, or to play a role in a theatrical production, you can accessorize the costume by making a white sailor hat. Although you can buy a sailor hat from a costume supply company, you can save money by making a white

How to Make Tapered Candles With Metal Molds

Tapered candles can be made with the dipping method or with metal molds. Tapered candles made with metal molds are made similar to the way that pillar candles are made. The wax is poured and left to cool and then more wax is added until the cooled wax no longer leaves a sink hole in the center of th

Drawing Table Plans - Here is What I Found !

If you're thinking about something you want to see take shape but first you need to track down reliable drawing table plans - i have some advice for you. It's well worth your while t

How to Create Picture Albums

Picture albums have been a part of family histories for decades. Generations later, children pore through them to see which grandparent they may resemble, or what Mom and Dad looked like in their youth. The way we store our photos has changed over the years, even though we still love taking pictur

How to Knot Quilts

Knotting, or tying, a quilt is an alternative to hand quilting. It serves the same purpose of joining the three layers of the quilt -- the backing, the center batting and the top piece -- together, but tying is quicker and easier to accomplish. Traditionally, quilts are tied with embroidery floss. H

How to Make an Angel With Honeysuckle Cones

When you are decorating during the Easter holidays, you can create a few whimsical crafts that can symbolize the coming of spring. For example, you can make a springtime craft angel that is holding seasonal flowers, like honeysuckles. You can make a craft honeysuckle angel out of materials that can

Crafts With Paper Bags

Paper bags are used in grocery and other retail stores for holding merchandise. Many families have a large store of these bags that just take up space. With a little time and some simple craft supplies, your children can turn those extra paper bags into fun pieces of art.

What is Puffy Paint?

There are a lot of paints available at craft stores. Puffy paint has many uses that can go beyond crafts. It is also easy to make at home, though it is readily available in a variety of colors at any craft or hobby store.

How to Make a Nintendo Game Pouch

A pouch to hold Nintendo handheld game systems, games or other portable gaming systems is an inexpensive gift to give any gamer. Similar pouches can be made to hold cell phones or portable music players. Picking a fabric in a pattern that suits you or the recipient can be the most fun. For those who

How to Make a Wood Serving Tray

Inviting guests into your home is a hospitable way to share camaraderie. One way to get multiple beverages or food items to your entertaining area is to place them on a tray. Building your own serving tray is fairly easy and will provide your guests with a topic of conversation as they see their ref

Directions for Making a Fort Out of Popsicle Sticks

Using nothing more than Popsicle sticks (or craft sticks purchased for the project) and some other everyday items, you can build a sturdy fort with your kids. A Popsicle stick fort is easy enough to make that kids of any age can actively participate in its creation.

How to Make a U.S. Flag Out of Student Photos

A U.S. flag made from student photos is a great way teachers can include all their students in a hands-on art project. When complete, the colors in each individual photo blend together to create a mosaic resembling a flag. The students can actively participate by bringing in a photo of their choice.

What Is Tourmaline Used For?

Tourmaline is a mixture of aluminum silicate minerals and metals. Considered a crystal, tourmaline is used for positive stimulation of action. Due to its high energy level, wear a small piece of tourmaline and rub it to bring good luck. Tourmaline is an extremely electromagnetic crystal.

Plastic Lanyard Projects

Pick from an assortment of lanyard projects.Geschenkt image by Lia Marhold from Fotolia.comBraiding lanyards is a safe and enjoyable project that enables children to practice manual dexterity and tap into their creativity. Typical projects include bracelets and key chains made with...

Uses of Infrared Waves

Invisible infrared waves are a form of light, having longer wavelengths than that of red light. Objects warmer than their surroundings radiate heat though infrared energy. An object's temperature can be measured at a distance by infrared light. Computer networks rely on infrared waves to send and re