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How to Remove the Front Seats on a Chevrolet Silverado

In most recent models of the Chevy Silverado, the front seat is made of three individual seats fastened to the floor. If you need to remove the front seats from the truck, you must remove each seat individually. You also must remove the two seats on the sides before you can remove the center one. Th

How to Remove a Jeep Wrangler's Interior Door Handle

The Jeep Wrangler uses a pull style interior door handle which is easily removed from the door if you need to replace the handle or take the interior panel off the door. The handle assembly has several actuator rods on the back of it that work the latch and door lock when you pull the handle. There

Mustang Ball Joint Installation Instructions

Ball joints are part of a car's suspension system; they connect the steering knuckles to the control arms. Worn ball joints can cause steering control problems with your Mustang, possibly leaving you stuck on the highway. You know the ball joints need replacing when you start hearing a banging noise

The Complete Strut Assembly

The Complete Strut Assembly [] is designed as a single unit, ready to install replacement for the existing strut assembly components of your vehicle. A Complete Strut Assembly includes all the components required for strut ...

Interstate Battery Specifications

As of 2010, Interstate sells more replacement car batteries than any other company in North America.Alexa Miller/Photodisc/Getty ImagesInterstate Battery was founded in 1952. The company's mission statement explains its aim to supply customers with "top quality, value-priced batteries,...

How to Remove a Headlight on a Dodge Magnum

The Dodge Magnum headlights should be checked every six months to make sure they are functioning normally. If you notice that a headlight is out, replace it as soon as possible. Replacement bulbs can be purchased at most auto parts stores. Use the part number on the bottom of the old bulb to get the

How to Determine Final Drive Ratio

Remember the day you finally satisfied your last math requirement, in high school or college, and you rejoiced, certain in the knowledge that the useless years of study were finally behind you. In a fit of adolescent-level glee, you swore off math forever, convinced that your chosen vocation as an a

How to Remove a Dodge RAM V10 Oil Pan

The oil pan under a V10 Dodge Ram contains the lubricating oil used to provide the engine with a sufficient amount of engine oil. The crankshaft on the bottom end of the Ram's engine dips into the oil pan and picks up some of the oil to lubricate itself as well as several other components. An oil pi

When to Replace Mercedes Rotors?

The brake rotor on a Mercedes is the disc-like component that is clamped by the brake caliper when the brakes are applied, in turn slowing the car. Rotors can be resurfaced and reused, but also may need to be replaced.

How to Reset the Check Engine Light of the Chrysler

The check engine light on a Chrysler illuminates when the engine experiences trouble and triggers an error code stored within the computer. It's inadvisable to reset the check engine light if the underlying problem hasn't been addressed. If you do, the light will simply come back on. Retrieve the er

How to Install an HID on a 2005 R6

High-intensity discharge lights (HID) are a popular aftermarket add-on for the 2005 Yamaha R6. Due to their increased brightness, HID lights make it easier to see in the dark and also last longer than traditional halogen bulbs. Although installing HID lights on your R6 is a slightly involved process

Chevrolet Venture Repair Manual

This General Motor's manual comes with a nice front cover and contains enough details to help you repair your car. The reviews for this manual are quite impressive.

How to Identify a B Series Transmission

B-series transmissions were used by Honda in the majority of its front-wheel drive cars during the late 1980s through the late 1990s. While a specific design, the transmission casing was not stamped with a code number to indicate the type of transmission within, making it difficult to identify a B-s

How to Install a Car Vacuum Canister

The car vacuum canister is one of the components of the whole evaporative emission control system that prevents fuel vapors from escaping into the atmosphere. Running from the rear of the vehicle forward, the evaporative emission control system is composed of the gas cap, the gas tank and the liquid

Learning More About The Best Ways To Protect Your Vehicle

While the engine does not care how good the paint job looks on your car, someone you want to sell it will be interested. The first thing a potential buyer will see is the paint job. Taking the time to provide a covering for your car can do wonders at protecting the paint.

How to Remove the Starter from a 1994 4X2 Chevy S-10

The starter motor on your 1994 Chevrolet S-10 two-wheel drive pickup plays a critical role: It turns over the engine to start it. When the starter goes out, there aren't many options left to turn the engine over, unless you have a manual transmission. Replacing the starter isn't very difficult, and

How to Access Top Mount Rear Shocks on a 2005 Outback

The rear shocks on the 2005 Outback are located on the right and left side of the rear axle. The bottom of the rear shocks are secured to the rear axle by a metal securing bolt that goes through the bottom frame of the shock and through the metal frame of the axle. The top shocks are secured to the

How to Remove the Valve Cover on a Jeep Wrangler

The valve cover on a Jeep Wrangler is located directly on top of the engine. It covers the upper valve train on the cylinder head, and this includes the rocker arms and the rocker springs. Lubricating oil is pumped freely beneath the valve cover, so a gasket is needed to keep all the oil from flowin