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How to Download Podcasts

It is simple to find and download a free of charge podcast. The best way to find free recordings is almost certainly to checkonline directories. A directory is a list of a lot of, at times, thousands of diverse recordings. They will generally be categorized by topic and genre, making it easier to fi

Blogging About Your Baby

You have a new baby! After all the flurry and excitement, the reality of motherhood sets in. Between feedings, and diaper changing, and laundry, you would probably look at me like I have 3 heads if I suggested to you that you start blogging about your baby.

Niche Blogging - Master-Plan Your Own Blog In 3 Easy Steps

Niche blogging has quickly become one of the most popular ways to make money online. But to make your own niche blog you need to have a Master-Plan in place. This article will tell you how to plan for your niche blog in 3 easy steps.

How to Make a Blogging Business Work

Blogging has fast risen to stardom over the decade. The help it gives its readers and writers has been unparalleled by anything else. Plus the large amount of traffic it generates allows business minded individuals to earn a profit from it. Professional bloggers make use of it not just to satisfy th

How to Post an RSS to a Facebook Group

If you have a business with a blog or are a celebrity and have a Facebook group page for your business, you can update your page with your RSS feed. This can save time from manually posting updates and help you reach a larger audience in a shorter time frame. You can use your Facebook group page as

How to Disable Comments in WordPress

You are being bombarded by spam and are wondering how to disable the comments in WordPress. There is no need to worry as it is a very simple procedure. Some may wonder why comments were ever allowed or why they were desired to begin with.

How to Add Amazon Products on a WordPress Blog for 2010

The 2010 WordPress theme, also referred to as "Twenty-Ten," is the default theme for websites using the WordPress content management system/blog engine. Like most themes, Twenty-Ten has a widgetized sidebar, enabling you to add elements to the site easily. If you're an Amazon Associates member, you

Top 10 Effective WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins are tools to improve and extend more functionality of WordPress Blog. There are several thousands of WordPress plugins in the WordPress community and new plugins are coming out everyday!

Creating A WordPress Blog: Follow These Easy Steps And Start Blogging Away!

Have you decided that you want to run your own blog? You are not the only one; everyone wants to have a platform these days to get his or her opinion out there about something. If you want to start a blog the best platform is WordPress. Creating a WordPress blog is quite simple when everything is la

Why WordPress Is the Best Blog Software

There are many blogging tools around, but WordPress is now regarded as the best blog software. This means that more people are working on it, making tools for it, and are generally involved and invested in it than in any other platform. Easy Set Up and Customization A huge amount of time and energy

How to Crop a Picture in Picasa

Google offers many features online and offline in addition to its top-rate searching capabilities. It provides quality mapping software, Web mail, social networking with Google+, as well as photo editing and storage software. Google's Picasa allows you to organize and edit your photos on your comput

Blog As A Marketing Tool - Blogging To Success

Before you can decide to us a blog as a marketing tool, first, what is a blog? A blog is a kind of online journal of which anybody can view using the world wide web. Blogs are updated on a regular basis and people who write and update blogs are known as bloggers.

Things You Need As a Blogger

Photoshop should be a great option for photo editing but unfortunately it takes time to load. Photoshop can be used for creating an image from scratch while Photoscape is great for editing photos especially in bulk. I'd suggest using Photoscape as it is very lightweight and offers a lot of usef

How to Make a Blog in HTML

Creating a blog in HTML is a simple way to have a blog you can update in any text editor. Blogs have several elements in common that are easily produced in basic HTML. Each blog post should appear above the last, have a title, date and content. Using HTML comment tags, the code for the blog posts s

How to Declutter a Blog

If you ask an organizational expert what the key to declutteringa blog is, he will probably say something like, “everything has it’s place” or “when you add something to your life or home, take something away, that way you don’t end up with a bunch of useless stuff

The Power of Your Personal Blog

Commercial business ventures have taken up a new shape in recent years. This shape has to do a lot with the inherent qualities of the internet model. With more and more business ventures going on the internet, the chances of making money on the online forums are at an unprecedented high value. Peopl

How to Make Money With Blogs - 4 Super Tips

Making money with a blog is one of the easiest ways to make money online. Not only is it easy to set up but once your blog grows in popularity you could be making more money than you ever imagined.