How to Program a Mitsubishi Car Key

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How to Make Car Roof Racks Out of Wood

To transport large items that can be cumbersome and bulky, many car owners choose to obtain a roof rack. Roof racks, also known as cargo racks, are useful to carry items such as luggage, building materials and other items that do not fit into the car. Luggage is more commonly transported on roof rac

Dodge Neon Car Stereo Installation

The Dodge and Plymouth Neon comes standard with an AM/FM stereo and single-disc CD player. There are scores of options available through the Chrysler Corporation and aftermarket sources for car audio equipment. Choose the stereo that fits your budget and your musical preference, keeping in mind the

The Sleekest 5-6 Channel Car Amps for Those On A Budget

Although an amplifier is devoted to a particular purpose in your car audio system, it is not only there to do its job, but to look good as well. After all, no car audio lover wants an ugly gigantic car amplifier to take over their car. Here's a low down on the sleekest and cheapest 5-6 channel

How to Remove the Clock on a 2006 Toyota Corolla

The 2006 Toyota Corolla has a digital clock on the inside roof section near the windshield. You can pop it out to change or repair it if needed. You can remove your Toyota's clock quickly and easily with just a few common items to help you.

How To Lose Belly Fat Quickly: 5 Simple Steps To Trim Abs!

Now, when I say eat and eat even more, I don't mean to eat a bunch of bad meals before you can not walk anymore! Besides cardio, it's also best in the event that you add specific muscle exercises to your routine.Have a look at my page; Trim Down Club

How to Install an Amp in a Factory Stereo

Factory car stereos usually provide an adequate level of signal strength to power the stock speaker arrangement in your vehicle. The signal can become diluted when aftermarket speakers are included in the system or when a subwoofer is added. To supply the proper level of signal strength to make the

Car Audio on a Budget

For years the bottom rungs of the Car Audio ladder have been full of poor quality, cheap products. Not anymore! The improvements over the past couple of years have been mind boggling, the falling cost ...

How to Install a Stereo in a Ford Focus

The Ford Focus was introduced as a 2000 model year entry into the compact market. With sleek styling and trim levels designed to turn the heads of young buyers, the Focus has successfully competed with the Japanese automakers who have traditionally lead this market. Changing out the stereo in the Fo

2gb Micro Sd Memory Card Tf Microsd 2 Gb 4g Brand New With Extras

This Micro SD card is extremely lightweight and versatile and these memory cards let you take your music, contacts, work ,videos, and photographs with you everywhere. It is the newest standard of SD flash memory specifically designed for use with ultra-small mobile phones.

My Engine Makes a Metallic Grating Noise

If you are interested in saving time and money by being able to troubleshoot and fix your car, knowing some of the sounds that your vehicle makes can help as one of the first steps to identifying a problem. If you are hearing a metallic grating or grinding noise emanating from the engine, there are

How to Install a Class D Mono Amplifier

Unlike two channel or four channel amplifiers, mono amplifiers are designed to only power a single subwoofer. They operate by providing a large amount of power via one channel instead of requiring that two channels to be bridged. Class D mono amplifiers differ from other amplifiers in that they ar

How do I Disable a Jaguar X-Type Alarm Silently?

Jaguar vehicles are known for their style, flair, and their many luxury features. They also, however, feature a number of the standard accessories that can be found or their less expensive counterparts. Vehicles like the X-Type have simple alarm systems that can be installed aftermarket onto the veh

Problems With the XM on My AVH-P7500DVD

The Pioneer AVH-P7500DVD is the flagship of Pioneer's in-vehicle audio/video lineup as of 2011 -- a DVD player, LCD touchscreen and multichannel audio/video receiver all in one. One of the many features of this product is that it comes XM-ready -- with almost everything you need to add XM Satellite

DIY: Car Stereo Removal in a 2003 VW Jetta

The Jetta has been a staple Volkswagen’s lineup since the automaker introduced it as an upscale version of its “Rabbit” in the 1980s. The 2003 Jetta came in seven trim levels and all of them came standard with an AM-FM stereo with eight speakers, cassette player and CD player. Volk

How to Replace the Battery in a Toyota Camry

Since its debut in 1983, the Toyota Camry has maintained a solid following and continues to be a popular car. It is a favorite for singles and families alike because of its recognized reliability. You should replace the battery if you see a white chalky substance on it, or it tests low on a battery-

How to Remove the Radio From a 2007 Toyota Camry

As vehicle interiors become more feature-rich, they tend to become more complicated. Such is the case with the redesigned Toyota Camry, introduced for 2007. The previous Camry's radio could be removed in less than 20 minutes, and reaching the radio-mounting bolts involved the removal of only a few i

Installation of a Remote Auto Starter

While the basic steps to install a remote starter system in your vehicle are the same, some systems have more wires running from the starter to the ignition harness. In order to ensure you don't damage the wiring on your vehicle, it's important to follow the detailed instructions that come with your

How to Program a Keyless Entry Remote for a 2000 Honda

If you have lost your keyless remote for your 2000 Honda, you can buy a replacement remote. The replacement won't work until you manually program it for your car. You must have a key to the ignition and be able to turn on the car; this will enter the car into programming mode. If you fulfill a few b

How to Install a Glove Box Stereo

Installing an aftermarket automobile stereo in a glove box is a simple alternative when, due to size constraints, the aftermarket stereo won't fit in the vehicle's stereo opening. This is a common problem for older vehicles. Either the stereo opening is too small to accommodate a single-DIN aftermar