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How to Paint Melamine Cupboard Doors

Melamine is a compound used to make laminates. It is inexpensive, strong and holds color well. It is also a fire-proof material. Because of all its benefits, it is often used to make laminating for kitchen cupboards. If you have melamine kitchen cupboards, you may decide at some point that you wish

Mark Rothko Information

Mark Rothko painted in the cusp between the Modern Art era, beginning in the 1890s, and the Postmodern era, which began in the late 1940s. Rothko identified with the Abstract Expressionist movement.

How to Draw Countertops

Many people choose to have custom countertops made for to enhance their kitchen's décor, either to increase the home's value or simply for aesthetic purposes. These countertops can be made from a wide variety of building materials, and drawing up your own design plans is a relatively simple tas

How to Graph Half of an Eclipse

In your Geometry classes, you will frequently have to graph geometric shapes. These shapes may include eclipses, which you may think of as the portion of a circle that remains when another circle, which intersects with the original circle, is removed from the original circle. The easiest way to crea

How to Transfer Shaded Images to Paint

A shaded image contains no color. It has no saturation or hue, and a spectrum of gray shades represents its varying lightness. Artists regularly make shaded images using charcoal or ink, and computer graphics may use shading for specific reasons. For instance, shading can give the illusion of light

Sky Link

Sky Link by Shiro Yamada from June Manga / Digital Manga Publishing

Animal Paintings Artist

For being animal paintings artist you need to understand aptly the need of color combination. It is important to make out the number of layers you need for painting picture of particular animal. For animal ...

Landscape Painting Tips - Draw It Easy!

A painter needs to connect to the creative soul inside them to create a truly inspiring art. Beginners could find this difficult as their minds get buried under the loads of techniques and approaches for ...

Gestalt Volume 1

Gestalt Volume 1 by Yun Kouga, a shojo manga series published by VIZ Media

How to Draw Wild Horses

Wild horses run like the wind. If you aspire to capture the spirit of the wind, drawing wild horses gives you that chance. With their sleek bodies, tousled manes and dust-covered hooves, the wild horse has much to offer you as an artist. Being able to draw wild horses requires skill sets, but these

Tips on Painting a Baby Bed

You just received a hand-me-down baby bed, and it is in need of paint. You want to change the bed's color from blue to pink. The old paint is not too bad, but you need to sand it off first. The new baby is coming in less than a month---you need to get this baby bed painted. With a few tips and trick

Love*Com The Movie (2006)

Read a review of Love*Com (Lovely Complex) (2006), from VIZ Pictures, starring Ema Fujisawa and Teppei Koike. Based on the shojo manga graphic novels by Aya Nakahara, Love*Com is a teen romantic comedy about a mismatched couple who lets their height differences get in the way of their love for each