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Adware - What is It? And How to Stop It?

Experts agree that Adware is one of the largest sources of headache for computer users today and can render your computer useless if it's not stopped. Find out what it is and how to stop it.

Some Standard and Advanced Features of Pen Drive

Sporting all the convenient features of a removable storage device - feather weight, small size, larger storage space, and durability - pen drive is a must-have device for the technology freaks. Of late, pen drive ...

How Does Norton's Internet Security Firewall Work?

Norton's Internet Security Firewall: How It Works a barrier made of bricks and mortar, a firewall is designed to repel intruders: Instead of keeping out masked burglars, firewalls are one of...

How to Save More Than Data With an Up-To-Date Recovery System

If you are relying on out of date tape-based backup systems because you feel other types of storage is too expensive. Take a moment to consider Virtualization and Cloud Storage. Both will get your business up and running after a disaster much quicker than traditional tape-based systems and they are

Can Registry Cleaners Remove Spyware?

Spyware is one of the most evil problems that can strike your PC. Not only does it make your computer run slower, but some Spyware can actually steal your personal details and hack your PC. This is a big problem, and unfortunately, many people are unsure of the best way to fix it.

How to Find Keylogger on Your PC? - Getting the Best Keylogger Scan

Do you want to learn how to find keylogger programs on your computer and get rid of them fast? Keylogger malicious program is one of the biggest security threat today and is the cause of most identity theft cases. This article will provide a brief description of keyloggers, how they are spread and w

IP Sniffer

A profile of IP Sniffer, a free protocol analyzer or packet sniffer by Erwan's Lab

Spyware Removal

Spyware is a kind of malware. Spyware can be secretly installed on your computer and takes the important and confidential information at a time about users without user's knowledge. You may not come to know ...

Irresistible WebScams You Need to Resist

In their ongoing attempts to sucker us in, cybercriminals are constantly looking for methods to target our sentimentality and present us with things that are too irresistible to ignore. By thinking with our hearts and ...

Best Virus Software Review - Anti Virus Protection Spyware

Are you searching for the best virus software to get rid of the potentially harmful files existing in your PC system right now? Even experienced and technical gifted computer users will want to use anti virus protection software simply due to the fact that they work much more quickly and are more ef

How can I undelete a file I desperately need?

It isn't hard to accidentally delete a file. It happens to the best of us. Fortunately, having a "recycle bin" makes the problem easy enough to undo. Most accidental deletes can be remedied by a ...

Know your Ink cartridge

Today ink cartidge is used as a replaceable equipment of ink jet printer containing ink used for spreading on the paper during printing process. Lots of producers keep electronic contacts and chip helps in communicating ...

The Desired Features in Registry Repair Software

The registry repair software is a utility in the sense, that it is helpful in eliminating the unnecessary and the redundant data existing in the window registry. Such registry optimizers are helpful in eliminating the malware or the virus present in the computer system.

Give Yourself Free Spyware Protection

Having spyware on your computer is not a good thing to have.It can cause computer errors, slowdowns, and steal personal information.Learn how you can protect yourself and get free spyware protection.

Know More About BitDefender Total Security 2014

BitDefender keeps unveiling its new line of products every year to ensure added protection to PCs against emerging threats. A new one on this front is the BitDefender Total Security 2014, which is a reliable ...