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How to Make a Multiplayer Match on GMod

GMod, or Garry's Mod, is a Half-Life 2 modification that allows users to interact in new ways with the physics engine of the game. It is intended to be a fun modification and as such has no predefined goals or aims. Much of the gameplay is left largely to the user, who is provided with tools and mod

What Is a Good Processor Speed for Gaming?

Even as game consoles have become increasingly complex, the PC has remained one of the most popular gaming platforms in the world. The processor is extremely important to consider when purchasing a PC for gaming. However, what you should look for in a processor depends in part on the type of gaming

How to Make an Application Screen Interactive With PowerPoint

Creating an interactive application screen demonstration using PowerPoint involves capturing the screens and adding shapes with actions associated with them. This type of interactivity can be used to train personnel on how to use applications. Create cost-effective demonstrations and simulations tha

Ten Questions Your Copier Rep Should Ask You at an Initial Appointment

Get the inside scoop on what your copier rep should be asking you the next time you sit down to discuss a possible equipment upgrade. With this list by your side, you will be completely prepared to make the best use of your time with the sales rep and more importantly, figure out if the person you a

Find A Quality Canvas Bag Through Online Retailers

Since the beginning of the 21st century, the family room has gone through important modifications. Since the introduction of flat display Tv sets, generally there has already been a complete redesign in the old living room. Using wall mounts and brackets, home theater systems are now being placed on

How to Load a Movie onto a Flash Drive

Flash drives offer a fairly (increasingly) large amount of storage in a (increasingly) small space. For this reason, they are perfect for saving documents and media to and transporting them around to the various computer you may use throughout the day. Using the flash drive to transport a home movie

How do I Print 132 Columns on an Okidata Printer?

If you own an Okidata printer capable of printing 132 columns (characters) of text, you have the option to print very wide spreadsheets, tables and other documents. However, you will need the right paper, software, drivers and settings to accomplish this. Simply attempting to print 132 columns witho

Tips on Burning Images to DVD

Burning images on DVD is a popular way to archive photos.Tsuneo Yamashita/Photodisc/Getty ImagesBurning images onto a DVD (digital versatile disk) allows you to store and preserve digital photos and images in various forms: files, slide shows or ISO images. All the photos are generally...

How to Use an LCD Projector With Dell Latitude

While laptop computers such as those of the Dell Latitude series are convenient to use and easily portable, sharing images and video with them isn't always easy. By using an LCD projector with a Dell Latitude laptop, it's easy to let others see what's being displayed on the laptop's monitor. Hooking

What if My Bank Won't Send a 1099-C?

A 1099-C is a federal income tax form creditors send out to debtors. Any creditor can send the form, including banks and credit card companies. If you have never received a 1099-C form before, you should know that it could increase your tax bill. If you are due a 1099-C, even if your bank refuses to

How to Uninstall the Canon Easy Web Print Toolbar

The Canon Easy-WebPrint toolbar automatically scales Web pages to fit the paper loaded in your Canon Bubble Jet printer. Last updated in April 2006, Canon Easy-WebPrint runs in Internet Explorer 5.5 or Internet Explorer 6.0., but is incompatible with Internet Explorer 7 and 8. Because it is not comp

How to Fix the Sound on a Computer

There are a few things that are as annoying as starting up a computer's media player and not being able to hear the sounds. If your speakers or headphones are plugged into the ports, you have to go through the process of figuring out where the malfunction is. Is it the media player or the sound card

Today's Router

A router is an excellent device that forwards data packets to several networks. The device is often connected to at least two networks including popular networks LAN and WAN.

How to Find Out If an Ink Is Compatible With Your Printer?

With many modern home printers, the process of changing the ink is relatively straightforward, but getting the right ink cartridge can be trickier. Office supply stores often have rows and rows of different inks, with the only obvious difference being the codes of letters and numbers on each. Going

How to Make a Bootable USB Hard Disk

USB drives are a great choice for boot media because they are portable, durable and have a larger storage capacity than CDs or DVDs. In fact, one can use a bootable USB disk to run an entirely different operating system, if the drive is large enough. Booting from USB is also handy when you need to m

How to Create More Free Space on a Floppy Disk

Floppy disks generally do not have a lot of space, compared to CDs, DVDs or a hard drive. Generally, most floppy disks can only hold 1.44 MB of data, which, while not a lot, can be used to hold a number of document files or other information. When your floppy disk is out of space, you can create mor

How to Access a Sony Vaio Recovery Drive

The recovery drive on a Sony Vaio computer isn't actually a separate hard drive installed inside of your computer's case. Instead, it is a separate portion of your main hard drive called a "partition." This partition will display as its own dedicated drive icon in the Windows Explorer utility. If yo