How to Install an Older Version of Windows XP

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What Is the File Extension .DVR?

The DVR file extension is used for TV and video files. It can also be a system file vital to computer functionality.

How to Check Process Memory Usage in Windows 2000

The Windows 2000 operating system lets you look at how much memory is in use through the task manager. Process memory usage is valuable information when you are trying to troubleshoot a problem with your system or a particular application. The task manager lets you kill a process within the interfac

How to Change the Name of a Computer on a Windows XP Network

When you first set up a new PC computer running Windows XP, the system is automatically given a name. If you decide to share your files or printers on a local area network, you can give this computer name to other users so that they can access certain content on your system. In situations like this,

How to Create a Hotkey with Ctrl & Enter

Hotkeys are combinations of keys that a user enters to perform a specified task on the computer. Hotkeys can simplify many tasks by allowing users to simply press a key combination instead of locating and launching a program manually. Hotkeys always consists of a "modifier" key like ctrl, alt or shi

How to Make a Recovery CD for an Acer Aspire One With Windows XP

A recovery CD is a general term for a disc containing sufficient files to restore your computer to an error-free state. Create your own recovery CD on your Acer Aspire One computer by using the built-in Backup utility in the Windows XP operating system. This enables you to create a full backup disc

How to Add Drivers to Windows XP With a CD

In Windows XP, Microsoft improved the Plug and Play capability of many hardware devices and allows you to search for updated drivers through the Windows Update service. Drivers allow your hardware components to communicate with your operating system and other software. Many devices include an instal

How to Set Up Raid 0 in Windows Vista

A Redundant Array of Independent Disk (RAID) combines multiple storage devices to improve computer performance. Rather than store data on a single drive, the array interleaves them between multiple drives or partitions This reduces the time your computer needs to read and write data. RAID 0, or "sim

How to Make a Blinkie With GIMP

A "blinkie" is a small animated graphic used to spice up web pages and emails. It usually takes the form of a Graphic Interchange Format (or GIF) file, because this format has the ability to store multiple animation cels and play them back in sequence, either one time or in a continuous loop. GIMP,

How to Remove Skins in Firefox

Firefox uses skins, known as themes or personas, to modify the appearance of the Firefox browser window. Mozilla's official add-ons website offers a wide variety of user-created themes for download. If you don't want to use a Firefox skin anymore, you can remove it from the Firefox add-ons window. T

How to Update Cisco Signatures From IDM

Connect to a Cisco Intrusion Prevention System using an Internet browser when you want to install IPS signature updates through the IDM or IPS Device Manager. The Cisco IPS appliance is a sensor that detects malicious network traffic such as virus activity by matching traffic patterns to signatures.

How to Restore Windows XP Defaults

The Windows XP operating system comes with a restore solution that replaces settings with the defaults. Windows XP takes snapshots of settings throughout the lifetime of the computer. When the user wishes to return to default settings, the restore option has a snapshot from when the operating system

How to Expand a Taskbar in Vista

The taskbar is the main hub of the Microsoft Vista operating system. From the taskbar, you can access all your menus, quick launch icons and system notifications. The taskbar customization options include expanding the size, moving the taskbar location and auto-hiding the taskbar when not in use. Wh

How to Install Microsoft Windows 2003

Microsoft's Windows Server 2003 is an operating system designed for PC users. Those with existing Windows operating systems can upgrade to Windows 2003. You can also switch from a Linux-based operating system to Windows 2003. The installation process is the same whether you are upgrading or switchin

Rundll32 Tutorial

Rundll32 is the 32-bit Windows executable that allows you to execute certain functions from within a DLL file as though they were their own executable file. The command line interface of Rundll32 can be used to call only specific functions of the DLL that were written specifically to be called indep

Six Sigma & Software Quality

Six sigma refers to being on time or on target 99.966 percent of the time or better. Software meets six sigma quality standards when it has fewer than 34 errors per one million transactions or operations. Six sigma methodology can be used to measure and improve software quality.

Do It Yourself Soundproofing for Windows

Windows provide a poor barrier for sound due to their thinness and lack of seals. If you wish to improve the acoustics in your room by reducing the sound that escapes or enters, add soundproofing foam to your windows. This foam comes in several varieties. Some block sound while others absorb sound.

How Do I Skip the Login on Windows?

If you would rather not have to enter your username and password to log in to the Windows operating system, use the automatic logon feature to bypass the login screen. The operating system then takes you directly to the Windows desktop when you turn on your computer, saving you a bit of time.

How to Find a Win XP Password

When you install the operating system Windows XP on your computer, you can set it up for several different users, each with his own password. Logging in with one user name and password gives you access to your own files, which will not be available if you are logged in as another user. If you forget

Debugging in Visual C

Writing C code in the Microsoft Windows environment comes with a few advantages, including Microsoft's .NET libraries and access to Microsoft's Free Visual Studio Express. Visual Studio is a fully loaded development environment to code and debug various programs, useful for managing large projects a