How To Overcome Depression By Having Values

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Antidepressants: Know Your Side Effects

Drugs to raise brain levels of serotonin are far more effective in treating depression than just psychotherapy and talking, because depression is associated with low brain levels of the neurotransmitter serotonin.The most used and effective antidepressants raise brain levels serotonin, but high brai

Why We Need to Think About Our Thinking - 2009

This article explains the origins of our CBT based book "Think about your thinking - To stop depression". It gives an opinion on why it is important for us to choose to think about our thinking, rather than simply living life automatically. (c) 2009

Natural Cure for Depression - Is There One That Works?

Finding a remedy for depression can be an individual thing. It depends on many variables, including whether the problem is temporary or chronic. The following tips may help you find the right answer for your needs.

How to Fight the Winter Blues

Ok so winter is here and you are feeling a little bit worse for wear. The year has been a long one and all you want to do now is curl up into a ball and wait for next year to arrive, surviving in the mean time on junk food and leftover turkey washed down with the occasional bottle of wine. As much a


A definition of the term "Alogia".

How Do You Deal With Depression?

We all become depressed at some points in our lives, and we must take note of it. When we become depressed it's best that we write down some methods we can try and get us out of the slump when it arises.

What Depression Therapy Actually Works?

Depression is a disorder which affects mind and body in a number of ways. It has many symptoms. They include loss of energy and lack of concentration. Other symptoms include sadness, anger and frustration.

Can We 'Learn' Depression?

You can't blame anyone for being stricken by depression. People don't become depressed on purpose. The trouble is we've been brainwashed out of self-sufficiency and into taking handfuls of anti-depressants because, so we're told, our brains have suddenly come off their gimbals an

Depressed? You Must Reach Out For Help

We all feel depressed at one time or another in our lifetime. The important thing to know is that you are not alone. Reach out to someone, friend or family, and ask them to help you. Depression is not something you can cope with alone. You need help and also medical assistance.

Looking For a Natural Remedy For Depression? Here's What You Need to Know

Are you looking for a good natural remedy for depression? Have you decided to stop using antidepressants because of the side effects? Have you decided to use natural remedies but not sure how to find the right one? If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, please make sure you read

Depression Screening Works

Researchers found that depression screening works, but lack of insurance coverage is a major barrier to follow-up.

Depression Traps and How to Avoid Falling Into Them - Part 2

Joe is suffering from depression. He experiences sadness and crying, quite often for no obvious reason. He can't pinpoint where these feelings of sadness are coming from. Joe thinks that he really shouldn't be feeling this way because he has a good job and a loving family and nothing major

Treat Depression With Natural Supplements

Each year a huge number of Individuals are afflicted by depression. Given that depression can not be observed the afflicted individuals typically experience additional stigma combined with this ailment. Significant depressive symptoms are different compared with the emotion of "being down"

Treatments For Ocd

OCD ran my life. Really, it controlled every aspect of the day. I would constantly check the door knob when leaving my house just to make sure the door was locked. Of course that was after already checking it 5 or 6 times.