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How Do I Download My iPod Onto My Xbox 360?

If you would like to have more options for listening to your music, download your iPod song list onto your Xbox 360. Xbox Live is required to be enable these two electronic devises to work together. Once they are set up, you will be able to listen to your iPod playlist through your Xbox 360 and stat

Instructions for the Simotech Disc Repair Machine

One of the most frustrating issues for any home entertainment enthusiast is when a DVD or CD disc becomes scratched or damaged beyond use. You can always buy a new disc, but investing in a Simotech Disc Repair machine might be a better investment as it can clean even critically damaged or scratched

Analysis of Digital TV

Some knowledge is required in order to get the most effective use of a digital TV. This article will cover many of the more important aspects that a consumer should know before purchasing a TV.

Activating New Replacement SIM for My Prepaid Razr

A SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card is where your cellular service provider stores all of your billing information. In other words, it tells the cellular company what phone you are using. Many of these cards can be removed from a cell phone and transferred to another model, or they can be thrown

How to Use WiFi on a Blackberry Curve

The BlackBerry Curve is an attractive phone full of options, including accessing the Internet and checking your email. Your wireless connection will vary depending on where you are, what kind of coverage your wireless provider has and any physical boundaries that may interfere with the connection. W

How to Update a Viewsat Max HD

A Viewsat Max HD is a type of "free to air" satellite receiver that lets you use an associated satellite dish to pick up free channels from all over the world. Periodically, the software that is installed on your Viewsat Max HD will need to be updated. This software is called "firmware," and these u

Energy efficient lighting devices are the future hope

Certainly, the energy efficient lighting devices are the future hopes for saving the energy which is getting exhausted very easily. Man should check his consumption of electricity and install the ener

How to Use 2 TVs on One Antenna

Use one "over-the-air" outdoor television antenna to feed two TV sets by installing a coaxial cable "splitter" device. The strength of the television signal will drop when you divide the antenna feed with a splitter, so you may need a preamplified television antenna to boost the signal, particularly


DVD-R and DVD-RW are two ways of recording data. The information for both is stored on a disc.

How to Find a MAC Address on an N95

The Nokia N95 is an Internet-capable smartphone released by the Nokia Corporation in 2007. The N95 runs the Symbian operating system, and has been produced to work on cellular networks throughout the world. The N95 is also capable of connecting to 802.11x wireless networks (also known as Wi-Fi). Som

How to Copy a DVD's Sound to a CD

There are many programs out there to rip audio from DVDs. Almost all DVD rippers allow you to rip audio tracks. Most software allows you to rip entire soundtracks or specific tracks and chapters from DVDs. After you're done ripping, you can extract the audio files and burn them to CD. As each ripp

Speaker Limitations in Stereo Receivers

By definition, a stereo receiver contains an amplifier, a preamplifier and a radio tuner or CD player. Ordinarily, connecting speakers to a stereo receiver simply requires attaching speaker wire to the correct terminals between the receiver and loudspeaker. The only limitation would a speaker requir

How to Dial an International Call From Florida

To make an international phone call from anywhere in Florida, you need some information, such as the international call prefix, country code of the country where you are placing the call, area code and the local number itself. United State's international call prefix is 011, which means that you wil

How Does a Solar Panel Battery Charger Work?

The Panel's CompositionThe solar panel is composed of blocks of photovoltaic cells, meaning they produce electricity from light. The cells are made of either a "crystalline" silicon or and amorphous silicon--the amorphous panels are the more durable and flexible of the two. The purpose of...

My iTouch Won't Restore

An iTouch that no longer plays files or refuses to connect to wireless Internet can be fixed by restoring the device. The iTouch cannot be manually restored, however, if it does not sync with the iTunes software. Your first thought may be to take the iTouch to an Apple store or a similar electronics

How to Change the Boot Picture on a Garmin GPS

The picture you see when you turn on your Garmin GPS is called the splash screen. The regular splash screen shows the Garmin logo, but you can change it to a custom image using a computer and the USB cable that came with the device. Once you have uploaded the image to your Garmin, change the boot pi