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Glossary - Y

Y - Glossary of European History

History of the Boeing AH-64 Apache Assault Helicopter

The Boeing AH-64 Apache Helicopter was originally designed by Hughes in the 1970s to meet an Army requirement for an advanced attack helicopter. Production was not authorized until 1982. The first Apa

Julian Dates

The calendar reformed by Julius Caesar is known as the Julian Calendar. Here are its dates.


Opalia is a name for the Roman festivals in honor of the goddess Ops.

Lydia Map

Selection of Asia Minor Map Pointing to Lydia

Roman Empire

The term Roman Empire means two slightly different things in terms of the history of ancient Rome


Maccabees is the name of a priestly Jewish family.

Ahmed Messali Hadj

Messali Hadj was a nationalist leader in Algeria, founder of three political movements, and opposed the violent extremism of the FLN.