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Rockabilly and Tragedy Seem to Have Gone Hand in Hand

With all of the joy that has sprung from rockabilly music, it's sometimes difficult to fathom the tragedy that seems to have plagued the early pioneers. Many of the greatest rockabilly artists had their careers--and in many cases their lives--cut short by accidental injury and death. Many other

Easy Ways To Teach Yourself Piano

This article is for anyone who is learning, or wants to learn, to play the piano. It deals specifically with the topic of how to teach yourself piano.

How to Play Country Lead Guitar

Whether you are a country music fan or not the energy and excitement in many country music guitar solos is undeniable. Here are a few tips on who the great country guitar players are, how they get their sound, and how to learn to play like them.

Promotion for Music-Get Your Talents Noticed Worldwide!

Many latent talents among the youngsters goes unexplored due to lack of exposure. The web portals across the internet have made it unimaginably easy for talented youths to showcase their performances. The huge human population ...

HiFi & Home Cinema Mains Pollution

The reason we invest in a Hi-Fi system is to allow the music to take us as close as possible to the original event, we carefully select the CD player we prefer most - connect it to the amplifier of our choice and finally to the speakers. We know every component is a valuable link in the chain, if on

50 Cent Mixtapes A Vehicle To Fame

Since the 1970’s, mixtapes have been a fundamental aspect of gaining recognition in the hip hop world. Since the advancement of technology and the ability to burn CD’s, though, not all rappers are utilizing them as they used to.

Hip Hop Instrumentals - Getting Your First Ingredient Right

In the world of hip-hop, there are numerous elements involved in the creation, production and release of a vibrant track. The most vital being the music. If you subtract the lyrical flow from a banging track, you have what's known as a hip-hop instrumental.

Joe Nichols

View photos taken at the CMA Closeup 4:00 pm Show, held at the Ryman Auditorium, on June 5, 2008.

The human need for jokes and entertainment

Entertainment is something people need in their lives, as they get bored of their daily existence. People want to have fun at the end of the day. They want to see funny things and crack ...

How to Copy a Project on a VS-2480

Roland's VS-2480 digital audio workstation is an all-in-one desktop recording studio. With a built-in hard drive, it is capable of performing all functions needed to record, overdub and mix complete song projects. As with any multitrack project, many ideas are tossed around and it can be convenient

Piano Lesson Advice for Parents - Don't Take it Personally

Regarding your child's piano progress, do you (a) feel personally embarrassed if your child is not progressing as fast as you think they should; (b) want your child to do their best; or (c) feel that it doesn't really matter how your child is doing, as lessons aren't that important an