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Dinner Theaters in Iowa

Dinner theaters provide an evening full of dining and entertainment.tasty dinner image by .shock from Fotolia.comA night at a dinner theater can be a wonderful outing complete with an entertaining show, a full meal and good company. Opportunities are available for Iowa tourists and...

How Talent Networks Help Develop Your Child's Talent

If you think your child has a talent like singing or acting, it's important to start encouraging it to grow at an early age. This article tells you how the talent networks offer an innovative platform to help display and develop your child's talent from the comfort of your home.

Should an Actor Ever Look at the Camera During an Audition?

The quick answer, you should be looking at who you're talking to, so unless you're talking to the audience as in a Shakespearean soliloquy, you wouldn't look at the camera. Almost always, when breaking the fourth wall (talking to the audience) is required, it will be mentioned in the

Standup Comedy Secrets - Things You Need to Know

Every person has a sense of being a comedian. Some may think they are and others still desire to be. You might think of getting into stand up comedy upon reading this article. But there are some important things you need to know before you get into the job. You need to remember that comedy is not ju

About Growing Pains

Growing Pains was an American sitcom that aired 166 original episodes from September 1985 to April 1992. The show was centered on the Seavers, s suburban family living in Long Island, New York.

Andy Richter Biography

Find out more about comedic actor and writer Andy Richter, co-host – or sidekick – of Conan O'Brien's.

Reality Show Auditions - Overcoming Nervousness

What ever the audition is, be it a reality show audition, an open casting call, or even a Disney audition, there is one thing that happens for nearly everyone. Just the idea that you are in an audition can create some personal nervousness. Nervousness reduces your ability to be yourself and especial

7 Ways To Add Variety To Your Puppet Ministry

Puppets are great tools for entertaining and teaching, but if that's all you do they'll soon lose their effectiveness. If you use puppets for 30-40 minutes every week in your children's church the kids will soon tire of them. To be truly effective in ministry you need a variety of tea

Movie Auditions to Look Out For

If you believe that you got an acting talent that boasts some degree of respect, and do want to share this talent with the world then you need to find yourself an audition finder. There are a dime a dozen audition finders and when you scroll through them. These are the likely ongoing auditions that

Mamma Mia - The Musical Blockbuster

Notable British playwright, Catherine Johnson's, Mamma Mia is a heart touching musical magic based on the legendary pop group ABBA. According to the stats, approximately 30 million people have enjoyed the musical blockbuster Mamma Mia.

Steps You Must Take Before Sending Out Your Demo Packages

A wise man once said "If wishes were horses were horses, beggars would ride." In this case, if music were easy, we would all be entertainers. Getting signed is not only hard, it is hectic. You have to go through the process of writing and composing a great song. And after that, you have no

Who is Lisa Ling?

Learn a bit about former View co-host Lisa Ling with this short biography.

Juggling As An Art

Did you know that juggling can be good for health? Read on to find out the benefits of this fascinating game.

An Actor's Showreel

Want to know how to improve your chances of getting more paid work within the TV, Film and Media Industries? Read On...

How to Understand Church Sound Systems

Music can be a very important part of religious services. Therefore, it is important for musicians and pastors to understand how the sound systems work in a church. A working sound system ensures that the congregation will be able to hear every song and also be able to clearly hear what the pastor

Stand-up Comedy Tips to Avoid

As you are looking on the Internet for stand-up comedy tips? Please be aware that the techniques and strategies offered in many stand-up comedy tips simply don't work.