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Rocky Horror Picture Show

Every Halloween it seems quite fitting to find the cult classic rocky horror picture show gracing your cable station repeatedly during the countdown towards the haunted holiday.By blending science fiction into sexuality, bewilderment was the kind of word to use when the rocky horror picture show mus

Entangled in the Past: Only Lovers Left Alive

Let's just acknowledge that pop culture is pretty much done with vampires for another twenty years or so. They had a good run there for a while, what with True Blood, Twilight, Buffy, et al., but the ride is pretty much over. Hell, we've already moved on (and grown tired of) zombies by thi

Robin Wright Penn (Smelly Scene)

In the new movie: "The Personal Life of Pippa Lee" which was a good movie except for one scene, and I'll get to that scene in a moment. I mean it had a lot complex cast of characters, intermixed with telling one's life story, Ken Follett couldn't have done better; someone sp

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest - One Angry Girl Fights the System

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest is the final chapter in Stieg Larsson's the Millennium series. Fans of the novels could hardly wait for the third book to come out as a film, and they weren't disappointed. Larsson's novels seems made for film with flamboyant characters, acti

Mean Girls - A Teen Girl Spectacular Movie

Cady was home schooled. Her parents are research zoologists in Africa. Her family just moved back to the Unites States, which means that Cady is attending high school for the first time.

Independent Film Making - 3 Quick Tips

Have you ever wondered how you can start your own independent film making hobby? Well with these tips, you will have a better understanding on it works. Then you can execute those skills to your goals.

Victorias Secret Fashion 2010 by Fashion Video Tube

The fashion Video Tube website brings the most awaited, the biggest fashion show - The 2010 Victorias Secret Fashion Show took the smoking hot Victoria Secret to the runway from New York City in their

Latest Hindi Movies: The New-age Formula

Bollywood’s fascination with foreign lands is not new found; films of yore included foreign locations that would act as crowd pullers and bring to the masses the novelty of experiencing the vistas of a land sometimes beyond their reach.

Nakamichi CM-1000 Specifications

The CM-1000 is a fine studio microphone for acoustic instruments.Jupiterimages/ ImagesSince the 1960s, Nakamichi has been one of a handful of names synonymous with audiophile quality. Made in the 1990s, CM-1000 studio condenser microphones extended Nakamichi functionality...

'Smallville Synopsis and Essential Information

He's faster than a speeding bullet and he visits our living room every week -- Get better acquainted with Smallville, the hit CW series about the early adventures of Superman.

Choosing Hindi Comedy Serials

Television channels today entertain the audience with different types of programs. There are several Hindi channels that are available in the markets to watch interesting programs according to needs. Most people want to watch their ...

Does Roku Work With Hulu?

The Roku digital video player is a set-top box that can stream movies, TV shows and other content to your TV over an Internet connection. While the Roku does not have a Web browser that can connect to the Hulu website, it can stream content from Hulu when you install the Hulu Plus channel.


Xtacles is a cartoon on Adult Swim from the creator of Frisky Dingo and Sealab 2021. Learn more about the premise and characters of Xctacles on Adult Swim.