How an Art Licensing Coach is Like a Football Coach

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10 Quick Tips on Drawing

Drawing is defined as the action of making marks on any surface with any mark-making material. It is clear, by this definition, that anyone can draw. If you can write your name, well then- you can draw.

Our Favorite Lie

This is the first is an ongoing series of articles taken directly from The Talent Myth by Larry Gluck. It is our sincere hope that you find this series both inspiring and empowering. We will ...

Drawing Faces

Drawing faces is one thing most people would like to be able to do. People are always doodling on bits of paper or on envelopes. Being creative is natural to us humans, it’s wired into ...

An Introduction to Shop Refitting Service

A vast majority of people do not seriously think about giving their shops a facelift, especially when it is crucially important.They consider it when a lot of time is already wasted and the shop is in

How to Draw a Snake

Drawing a snake seems an easy job, which it is. The serpents have a simple body type that is quick and simple for artistic adaptation. However, the complexity may vary in certain degrees, depending upon the type of the snake you choose. All the snakes have scale on their bodies. These scales are dif

Backdrops for Parties – Four Fun Ideas

Backdrops for parties are usually a good idea. It depends on the situation. You might want to use one if: (1) your party marks a very special occasion, (2) you are having a costume party, or (3) a mov

Where To Buy Cheap Oil Painting Art?

Oil painting art is never cheap as painters spend a lot of time and effort on each piece to get the color, texture and concept of their artwork just right. For art lovers, however, buying ...

Philadelphia Fashion Photographer

Business Boost with a Corporate Photographer in Philadelphia If you have a business in vibrant Philadelphia, it is necessary to consider the professional services of a corporate photographer Philadelphia expert. Such an expert in photography ...

The Merits Of Gray

I'm not a graphics designer by trade but I do know my way around an art board and can tell you the differences in working with Bezier curves or pixel base. If you know little about color like me, then you also can't explain what 'gray' would mean if black is the absence of (or ab

Exhibition Displays with a Catchy Feel

Trade shows, art shows or exhibitions require displays the optimisation of space and a layout that is appealing and cost-effective. Screens can assist in providing a clean and secure display surface f

Tips and Warnings For Making Sheet Metal

Indoor metal sheet arts may decorate the legs of chair or table, a wall or still be nailed into the ceiling for blow up of in least expected locations. When you coat the metal, be sure there is absolutely no insinuation of the silver metal to come through or it will appear shabby. Sheet metals are s

Marketing Art - How to Make Use of the Power of Press Releases

Marketing Art is just as much a part of being an artist as is the creation of the art itself. Today artists are desperate to find any techniques that improve their art marketing strategies while increasing their bottom line. One such technique is using Press Releases. How does an artist make use of

Marcel Breuer: The Architecture Work

Marcel Breuer was one of the most influential furniture developers and architects in human's historical past. He came into this world in Pecs, Hungary and died on 1 July 1981 in New York City. He ...

Looking for the Right Size in Custom Picture Frames

Artists and photographers of fine art who are passionate about their work may feel a sense of pride and achievement when they complete a masterpiece. But with the help of a custom picture frame there

Family Portraits for Your Annual Family Cards

Have you ever imagined taking a great Family Portrait with the members of your family? Do you love having good memories with your family? Then you should consider taking some relaxed Family Portraits in Sydney, ...

6 Common Uses of Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is becoming a very popular program in the design world. Why is it so popular? The flexibility of this tool and ability to export high resolutions artwork has made it a killer program for graphics designers. Let's find out what designers are using this program for their daily w

3D Animation Walkthrough: Providing an Experience

Any form of 3D animation walkthrough can always entertain many people. Whether it is a walkthrough for a construction project, a simple 3D project for school students, or one that is made for a movie or a game, its is always entertaining to have an experience that is literally not of this world. Whe

Ways to Learn and Develop Painting Skills

Is painting a God given talent or a skill? Talent is always good, but it will only get you so far. Although many people think otherwise, painting is more skill than talent.