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Environmental Eyesores

We have all seen them. Litter along the streets and highways, buildings old and in need of repair. The question remains what do we do about them?

The Green Movement Needs to Be Kept in Check

Perhaps, you have noticed the increasing speed of the green movement, almost to the point of being thrust down our throats. We are told that we are doing this to prevent of further addiction to foreign oil and that this is the right solution. Is it really? Now obviously no one likes pollution in the

Emergency Water Filtration Device Supplies Clean Water in Any Disaster

We all need water to live, to cleanse ourselves, and to cook with, but we often take our unending supplies of this vital liquid for granted. Most of us have never been through a disaster in which public water services were out of commission. With this in mind, the most important thing you can do to

Poor Soundproofing Between Attached Properties

"I can hear (too much noise from) my neighbours, how can this be improved?" is one of the most common questions asked of acoustic consultants.People are understandably sensitive to and intolerant of noise between dwellings.

Sharing Is Caring With Your Laptop LCD Screen

You used to hear the saying "sharing is caring" when you were a child. You understood the concept of giving your toys to others when you were done playing with them at a young age. You have probably also learned that sharing is still caring when you get older as well. You can give your toy

Water Desalination: Frequently Asked Questions

Water desalination refers to the process of removing salt, bacteria and minerals from saline water. It is commonly used to filter seawater in order to produce clean, pure water that is suitable for drinking or for irrigation.

Wastewater COD - Why it is Critical in Wastewater Treatment?

In this article, I discuss why COD is a critical factor for the treatment of wastewater. Wastewater COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) is the amount of oxygen necessary to oxidize the organic carbon completely to CO2 and H2O. Some organic chemicals are not completely oxidized.

Environmental Issues Can Be a Touchy Subject

Whether the subject is global warming, clean energy sources, or toxic chemicals environmental issues are almost always a "point of contention" among those who discuss them. Like politics and religion, it is another subject that has a wide assortment of opinions regarding the many facets or

Banish PCBs - Now!

The federal government has introduced legislation to accelerate the removal and safe disposal of PCB wastes to meet Canada's international obligations.Will you be affected by the December 2009 deadline? You will be, if your business:

The Need For Seafood Preservation Efforts

Seafood is something that many people enjoy, even if they only indulge themselves every once and a while. The popularity and price of seafood are huge motivations for fishermen to try and haul in the biggest loads possible on each trip out. While this makes a lot of sense business wise, fishermen ar

Jack Bauer - Sustainability Expert?

Engaging and exciting your employees in green and sustainable initiatives is a big key to success. And unlike some of Fox's shows, you don't have to torture them!

Methods of Data Destruction

Data Destruction is of crucial importance as data when not managed well can be wrongly used to harm a business. There are various ways in which data can be destroyed with different efficiency levels.

Using Organic Manure

It is difficult to know which pesticide to go for in spraying your food stuff and fruits. Due to this most people prefer to use genetically grown foods and fruits so as to be on the safe side. Free from poison.

Abrupt Climate Change

We no doubt have heard about global warming and how it is predicted to change the earth's atmosphere by the end of this century. This century has just begun, we have 92 years left to go, and all of us reading this article will be gone by then.Of course we want a better environment for the peopl

Green Engineering With Virtual Reality Training

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is stepping into the new millennium. Soon the DOE will implement new simulation software as a training tool to develop new, zero-emission integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) power plants with carbon capture. The Invensys Operations Management software, E

Disposable Plates - Wake Up to a Better Tomorrow

When at the end of the day you retire to sleep you may at times look back on the day that was. And you will think of the good things that happened and also the not so good things that happened during the day. And then you may think of your plans for tomorrow as you lie down and go to sleep.

Benefits of Purchasing From a Small Green Hand Crafting Company

There is much attention these days regarding personal and business practices that are eco-friendly, planet sustainable and green. Small green organic hand crafting companies are producing products that are inspired by a heartfelt desire to produce quality products that are not at all harmful to peop