How to Add a Hook for a Wedding Gown Train

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Chinese Restaurants in Alameda

Dim sum is a popular choice at many Chinese restaurants.dim sum spread image by Tanja-Tiziana Burdi from Fotolia.comAlameda, California is just south of Oakland and home to about 70,000 people. Alameda has a very diverse culture, reflected in its restaurants. Diners have a wide variety of...

Who Wear Vera Wong For Wedding?

In wedding industry, there prevails one word: unmarried women want a Vera Wong, divorced women miss her Vera Wong, remarried women excited to wear Vera Wong again. From these words, you can imagine th

The Right Tuxedo For Your Build

There are definitely trends in men's formal wear. But to look and feel his best and most confident, a man should select one of the tuxedo styles that will be most flattering for his body type. Certain tuxedo styles are more complimentary to a specific physique and this guide should help you det

Kids Costume Party Ideas

The ideas you create for your costume party are as limitless as your imagination.girl in halloween costume image by NiDerLander from Fotolia.comBoys and girls alike love costume parties--whether they're dressing up as pirates, cowboys or cowgirls, astronauts, princesses or their favorite...

How to Keep Wedding Bouquets Fresh in the Heat

The warmth of spring and summer is perfect for an outdoor wedding, but it can wreak havoc on the wedding bouquets. You will need to plan ahead to keep wedding bouquets fresh in the heat at outdoor weddings. Working with your florists to choose the blooms with the greatest longevity will help, but yo

What To Do After You Say "I Do"

You have finally met Mr. Wonderful. He is absolutely everything you've ever wanted in a husband-to-be. He's the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. It seems like it took forever just to find him. But now that you're engaged, the real work will begin. And believe me, time

Ten Ways To Save A Troubled Wedding

There are various different ways in which to save a troubled marriage, therefore it is easy to seek out advice that may help you save your marriage. But there are some things to consider. For example, will the advice facilitate your long run or for a brief amount of your time? So several people targ

How to Measure for a Formal Gown

You may be a size 6 in everyday life, but sizes and numbers don't matter when it comes to wedding dresses and other formal gowns. Formal dress sizes vary depending on the manufacturer, so you'll need specific measurements to make sure your dress fits perfectly on your big day.

Elegant Wedding Reception Ideas

Many people spend a lot of money on their wedding and reception, which is why it is important to create the atmosphere you want. Use a theme, colors, decorations and favors to create an elegant wedding reception that will have your friends and family remembering your special day for years to come.

Plan for Wedding Ideas on a Budget

Most girls have a dream of a fairytale wedding that they look forward to as they grow older. Few might have had their wishes came true but to some, it has to be more practical ...

Wedding Speech Examples

Wedding speeches play an important role in any wedding ceremony. This is because they are meant to honor and praise the newlyweds as well as to be a teaching aid to the unmarried. Therefore, a special, memorable and appropriate speech should be prepared.

What To Ask To Your Wedding Registrar

The wedding registrar plays the pivotal role in a marriage. In fact, the wedding registrars, in my opinion, are as important as the bride and groom themselves.

Wedding Favor Ideas Under $1.00

Weddings favors for under a dollar sounds too good to be true, but it can be done. You can get creative or stay traditional. A wedding needs to be perfect in every, way right down to the smallest of details. The wedding favors are one of those small details. You will make a big impression with these

The benefits of considering online sites for marriage

Take bharat matrimony site the pleasure in using all such marriage matrimonial site so that you can get the best arranged telgu matrimony site marriage. These profiles take account of home page, like

The Wedding Planner

You have made the right decision and have decided to hire a wedding planner. Now what should you expect from your wedding planner?In short, a planner or a wedding coordinator will guide you through the ...

How to Embellish Wine Glasses

Embellishing wine glasses with paint, glitter, beads, crystals and etched patterns can be a fun activity for a girl's night, bridesmaids or just for friends to get together and enjoy being crafty. Decorated wine glasses also make excellent party favors, door prizes, gifts and place markers. Use etch