Know the Difference Between a Tulip Bulb and a Seed

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Growing Climbing Roses in Containers

Except for very large climbers, you can choose from among miniature climbing roses, large flowered climbing roses, climbing English roses, and rambling roses when you're growing climbing roses. Containers should also be equipped with holes which drain off water, and small rocks or gravel could

My Sweet Basil Is Growing Brown

Basil is a flavorful, leafy herb often used in soups, salads and sauces. This herb is simple to grow and easily adapts to life in the ground or in a container. Like all other plants, basil is susceptible to problems that affect its overall health. These problems produce symptoms in your basil plant,

Growing Celery That's Not Bitter

Celery can be sweet or bitter and most of it is controlled in the growing process. Chlorophyll builds up in the stalks and this causes the stalk to have a bitter taste. Some people don't like bitter-tasting celery, because it can ruin the taste of their recipes. If you are growing celery in your gar

The Best Way to Have a Top Quality Synthetic Turf

Most scientific research presents that artificial grass can help our surroundings in terms of wastes and energy preservation for this reason there are a lot of people that would go for this over natur

Growing Indoor Plants To Improve The Aesthetic View

Today, growing plants indoors is becoming very popular among the people. Growing indoors means you can simply grow the plants year round, it grows quickly and healthier and is quite easy to do. Many people also grow marijuana indoors. When growing plants indoor, you might obviously don’t want

Aphids Control

Very small, soft body insects that are found on leaves and stems of both indoor and outdoor plants are aphids. These little guys can be almost colorless different shades of green, yellow, pink and black.

How Heating and Air Roseville CA Reduces the Carbon Footprint?

Many professional companies offer efficient services in the gamut of cooling and heating requirements of households and business offices in and around Roseville, California Area. Efficient use of heating and air Roseville CA services can ...

Choosing Gardening Tools

There are many tools that are available to gardeners. Indeed the range can be quite confusing to the newcomer to the hobby who maybe uncertain about which tools are needed to perform given tasks. Hand tools are very important for both garden creation and subsequent maintenance. However, the spade, f

Plants That Are Bright in the Winter

Lenten rose can bloom flowers through a blanket of snow.Lenten rose - Helleborus niger image by Accent from Fotolia.comPlanting a winter garden is not as hard as it seems, as long as you have an idea of where to start. A few plants are available that will stay bright and add color to...

Building Your Boundaries

There are a variety of different reasons for establishing definite and long term boundaries around your garden and these can include privacy, security (from natural, as well as human threats) or just protection for your garden against animals who may wish to make your planting scheme a part of their

Weight and Wellness Tips - 10 Ways to Use Gardening For Your Health

When I was a kid everyone had a vegetable garden in the back yard. I guess it was an economic necessity for a family with eight kids, as it was for many families of the time. Sadly, vegetable gardens today are far fewer in number. Times have changed with families being busier than ever and double ga

Orchid Pruning and Its Importance

Orchid growing is a very delightful hobby and many people are getting into the groove of growing their orchids to be healthy and to have beautiful flowers. One facet of orchid growing that need not be ignored is orchid pruning. Pruning your orchid plant is not a difficult task and yet for some stran

Rose Gardening Secrets

For thousands of years people have been growing roses. Although roses have earned a reputation for being difficult to grow, plenty of rose growers disagree. Here we have compiled some rose gardening secrets that have made cultivating these beautiful blooms something anyone can do successfully.

Four Great Luxury Garden Sheds

With spring now well and truly on the horizon, it's been lovely to see the sun begin to show itself over the last month or so. It also means that now is the ideal time to begin to consider the merits that garden sheds can offer you. As a great method of garden storage, the Garden Eco range of l

Koi Pond - Water Chemistry

The most basic conditions of your koi pond water chemistry are the pH factor (which stands for potential Hydrogen) and water hardness.These factors alone can determine the life or death of your koi pond's inhabitants.