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Florida Saltwater Fishing Rules on the Length of Fish

Inappropriately sized fish must be thrown image by Greg Pickens from Fotolia.comThe Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has specific rules regarding the size of certain saltwater fish that may be harvested for personal use. In general, fish are measured in two...

MSHA Requirements for Ventilation Materials

The Miners Safety Health Administration (MSHA) is a federal agency that is tasked with the responsibility of ensuring the safety of miners. The basic aim of MSHA regulations relates to reducing fatalities of mine workers. Ventilation materials play a major role in helping prevent the...

How To Find Laws on Recording Phone Conversations

Finding laws for taping telephone calls is not easy because the laws vary between federal laws and from state to state. Not all states have laws regarding taping conversations, which means you must follow the federal laws. Some laws require that one party give consent, and others that both parties g

Gender Wage Disparity Persists

Even though gender discrimination in the workplace has improved drastically over the years, women workers still face unfair wage gaps and lesser odds of obtaining a management or executive position. I

Florida Motorists Laws on LED Light Colors

Most colored headlights are illegal in Florida.headlights image by jimcox40 from Fotolia.comLED lights are a popular addition to cars, trucks and motorcycles in Florida. These lights give vehicles a stylish look at nighttime. They come in many colors to allow vehicle owners to match...

What services are offered by immigration lawyers?

The first document that you need to have in your possession, when moving to another country is a Visa. Without a legitimate Visa, you have no legitimate reason to travel to a foreign land. Every count

Idaho Law About State Employee Receipts of Gifts

Acceptance of gifts by public servants and government officials is restricted in most states. In Idaho, state government employees are prohibited from accepting or agreeing to accept gifts from certain types of persons.

Driving Permit Laws in Ohio

For an Ohio learner's permit, you must be at least 15 1/2 years old.driving 4 image by Andrzej Borowicz from Fotolia.comYour child must be at least 15 1/2 years old to be eligible for a learner's driving permit, according to Ohio law. This documentation will allow him to practice while...

Typical Child Support Questions for California

In line with the state's personal child support handbook, a modification could also be sought in the event of a 'significant change or decrease in both mother or father's earnings';

Florida Traffic Citation Rules

A traffic violation in Florida can be costly.fines higher sign image by kolesn from Fotolia.comIn the state of Florida, a traffic infraction is defined as a non-criminal offense. Usually, for certain minor violations---improper lane change, running red lights or speeding---the officer...

State of New Jersey Emission Requirements for 1979 Vehicles

New Jersey law requires that most vehicles be emissions tested at certain times to ensure adherence to air quality standards. Specific testing intervals depend on the vehicle class, type and model year. Generally, new vehicles require a test once the vehicle reaches five model years old....

How to Obtain an SSN Card

The United States government requires a Social Security number and card for anyone desiring to work in the country, receive Social Security benefits or qualify for certain other tax and government benefits. Most parents apply for their child's Social Security card soon after birth but noncitizens an

Appeals Attorneys

If you were involved in any type of legal proceeding, where you were found guilty of either a civil or criminal wrong, then hiring the best Appeals Attorneys to help you appeal that conviction or hold

Bankruptcy Laws Pennsylvania

The U.S. bankruptcy code is uniform for all states. Among its regulations, however, are items based on state-specific data. The Chapter 7 means test, for example, measures the debtor's income by the median family income in their state. The federal bankruptcy code includes a list of property exemptio

Phoenix Police to wear Hidden Cameras

As many as 50 Phoenix law enforcement officials could very well soon be using tiny covert video surveillance cameras as part of their uniform accouterment should a $500,000 grant be agreed upon in ear