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Citric Acid Allergy?

There is some debate on the internet about whether such a thing as an allergy to citric acid is a known medical condition or not. Some people, including many M.D.s and other doctors (such as naturopat

All About Asthma Treatment Plan

Asthma, a chronic respiratory condition when treated properly could be kept well under control. By properly managing asthma, patients have better control over their condition and can lead a symptom free, healthy life. An asthma treatment plan helps patients in managing their condition on a regular b

Long-Term Neti Pot Use May Backfire

Long-term use of a neti pot to clear stuffy noses and blocked nasal passages may actually encourage more sinus problems rather than keep them away, a study shows.

Common Food Allergies in Children

Food Allergy is an allergic reaction to a particular type of substance ingested in food. Any type of food is capable of causing an allergic reaction in the body, but normally 8 to 10 types of foods ac

Food Allergies Limiting, But Manageable

People with food allergies can manage them effectively if they ask questions, read labels, and avoid doubtful foods, according to a panel presenting at the 57th Annual Meeting of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology.

Helping a Child Who is Having an Asthma Attack

You may get panic when you find that your child is getting asthma attack. Today there are many children suffering from asthma because of several causes. Asthma can be caused by viral infections, cold weather, exercise, or exposure to allergens. When your child suddenly gets asthma attack, the parent

How to Cope With Asthma in the Winter

According to the American Lung Association, asthma affects 23 million Americans, including 7 million children. Winter can be very rough on asthma sufferers. Although pollen levels are down, exposure to cold and flu germs, indoor dust and mold, and the cold air itself can act as triggers to an asthma

Natural Asthma Remedies - Raw Food Diet

Raw food diet is a natural asthma remedy that addresses asthma problems at the root. Many people with long term asthma do not realize that the root cause of their asthma could be simply due to their diet. In today's modern, fast-paced world, the daily diet of most people consist mainly of proce

Can Powdered Milk Help Kids Overcome Milk Allergies?

Milk allergies and milk related intolerances seem to be on the rise, but a new study gives hope to those with children who have a milk allergy. Researchers at the Johns Hopkins Children's Center studying powdered milk and its relationship to milk found sound results that may help many children.

Study: Pills as Effective as Inhalers for Asthma

The drugs Singulair and Accolate proved to be just as effective as steroid inhalers for the prevention of asthma symptoms with better patient compliance in two new studies.