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How to Get VA Medical Benefits

With more than 1,400 hospitals and clinics in the United States, there are many resources available to eligible U.S. military veterans to receive Veterans Administration medical benefits. Whether it's simply immunizations, physical examinations or something like emergency room care, the VA is there

Nurses - Be Prepared for On The Job Challenges

Nurses that work like saviors, put in their heart and emotions to standby to their jobs and responsibilities to save lives and cure the infected without compromises or disinterest. Their patient-centric attitude and commitment to serve relentlessly often put them into situations and environment that

What is Assisted Living? Where Can I Find a Good Service?

Assisted living is generally considered a compromise between in-home private care and nursing home care. It is for individuals that cannot function independently in the home, but do not need around the clock 24-hour care provided by nursing homes.

Home Health Care - What You Need to Know If You Have an Aging Parent

With the rising cost of nursing home care, in-home care is the way of the future for families who cannot afford to place their family members in a nursing home. At a fraction of the cost, families with limited budgets are most likely to subscribe to hourly in-home care for their aging parents as a s

How to Excel As a Nursing Assistant in the Field of Patient Care

Being a nursing assistant requires a person to master the art of multitasking. In fact, an effective nursing assistant must be able to perform her duties well and at the same time, be able to cope with the environment and handle stress. Generally, this job is the first step on the nursing career lad

3 Essential Issues a Surrogate Mother Needs to Consider

Becoming a surrogate mother is a wonderful gift you can give another couple. By acting as a gestational parent, you are enabling a childless couple to fulfill their dream of having a baby who shares their genetic heritage. However, there is no doubt that opting for surrogacy, either gestational or t

The Unforeseen Stress and Challenges of Nursing

Anyone in the medical profession knows that there is a lot of stress involved, especially at hospitals, and emergency rooms. But even regular medical care facilities can take their toll, it's always something, and it is hard not to internalize or stay out of the emotional flowing baggage of pat

A Sodium-Free Alternative to Water Softeners

If you follow a sodium-restricted diet, you may be endangering yourself every day and not even know it. Drinking unfiltered water from salt-softened water can add an excess of sodium to your diet. The amount of sodium water softener can add to your diet may be very unhealthy.

Caring For Aging Parents

What will happen when your mom and dad can no longer take care of themselves? Find out how this transition can effect your life and what you can do to plan ahead.

My Short Story in Combating Candida Albicans

Someone was curious about my story in combating candida albicans. She asked me if I would share how long I have been working on candida, how severe it was when I started and how much progress I have made.

Geriatric Assessment Evaluation - What is it?

A geriatric assessment evaluation is paid for by Medicare, and can be a valuable turning point in providing care for an aging parent that may be exhibiting signs of dementia or other chronic illnesses. The geriatric assessment also provides a venue and reason for the family to realize the gravity of

Developing Vision in Health Care (Part 1)

Vision is not only a statement made by an organization but a concise, compelling guide for the whole company.Health care organizations need to have stronger visions that align with the values and purpose of the organization.This will help the individuals in the health care organization align their w

The Role of Hospice Care in Pain Management

A major fear people have of dying is that they'll be in pain. Hospice eases that fear by providing palliative care with an emphasis on pain control. The main objective is to relieve symptoms that interfere with one's quality of life.