Instructions to Build a Wine Rack

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How to Build an Old Baseball Card Set

Most baseball card collectors strive to accomplish a certain goal within their collections. That goal often centers on completing a set of cards. A set reflects all of the cards produced in a given year for a particular brand. Building sets often starts with buying packs of cards, but vintage card c

MerCruiser 3.0L Specifications

The 135-HP MerCruiser 3.0L engine might be the perfect engine for your boat, but the decision cannot be made on looks alone. Knowing the specifications for the MerCruiser 3.0L engine will help you to determine on paper whether it is likely to suit your particular needs, saving you time...

Components of a DC Generator

Generators can produce both AC and DC.eolic generator image by Gon?¡ìalo Carreira from Fotolia.comElectricity is the flow of electrons, but electrons can flow in several different ways, so there are several different kinds of electricity. If all the electrons flow in one direction ---...

What Is the Difference Between Rational Number and Whole Numbers?

Rational numbers are numbers that include the smaller groupings of natural numbers, whole numbers and integers. There are clear differences between each of the groupings, or subsets, and each one builds upon the previous one. In other words, any whole number is also a rational number, but the ration

What Is Oleoresin Capsicum?

Derived from chili peppers, oleoresin capsicum is the active ingredient in pepper spray and in some topical pain relievers. Oleoresin capsicum spray is generally considered safe, but questions have been raised about its use for law enforcement purposes.

How to Lookup Postage Stamp Values and Identification

It doesn't matter if you're a casual or serious stamp collector; at some point you'll want to know more about your stamps and how much they're worth. You'll find that there are many resources available to help. Your research can begin and end with the Internet, or you can expand it to include books

How to Use an LED With a 9 Volt Battery

LEDs are light-emitting diodes. They are specifically created to emit light, whether visible, infrared or near infrared. LEDs are polarized, which means that the way they are placed inside circuits is important. They are categorized by factors such as their color, intensity, size, voltage and viewin

Timber Woodworking Tools

Timber frame houses can be built with relatively few tools.Timber Framed English Village Cottages image by Chris Lofty from Fotolia.comTimber framing is a method of house construction that predates the use of dimensioned lumber such as 2-by-4s. Prior to the availability of commercial...

Lighting Tips for Stained Glass

Associated with churches, stained glass has its place in the home, as well. The tints of the glass change white light into a rainbow of color. The placement of a stained glass window or panel plays an important factor in the effect of the glass. In the absence of a window for natural light, proper a

The Disadvantages of Using Ice As Opposed to Dry Ice

Ice is frozen water or H2O, while dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide. The difference in the structure and properties of these two substances leads to substantial differences in their applications. Ice is undoubtedly easier to manufacture and obtain than dry ice, but despite its ease of use, it also su

How Is an LED Bulb Made?

MaterialsA Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulb is made from two different materials that conduct electricity, known as semiconductors. One of the two types of semiconductors has too many electrons in it, and the other one doesn't have enough. They are separated by a thin barrier that prevents...

How to Identify Wild Cherry Trees

Black cherry (or wild cherry) trees have been grown for centuries for their bark, scent and berries. However, with so many trees growing in the wild, it may be difficult for an amateur to spot a true wild cherry tree. Just by following a few steps, though, you can hone your tree-identifying skills t

How to Read Old Weight Scales

Old weight scales, or balances, consist of a pair of pans that are located at each end of an arm or rod. The pans are usually suspended from the arm by chains, and hang at equal distances below the arm. The pans can also be fixed to the top side of the arm. The arm itself may be supported in the mid

Definition of Plant Cloning

The ethics of animal cloning have become a controversial issue, but plant cloning has been an important part of agriculture and research for decades. It is achieved through asexual reproduction. Although single-celled organisms routinely make copies of themselves, plants can easily be cloned because

How to Make Boards With a Bench Top Band Saw

When equipped with a wide resaw blade, a bandsaw can be used to mill lumber. While it would be rather slow going on a lightly-powered bench top band saw, you can still cut small sections of logs into boards with a bench top band saw. Some creative woodworkers have made intricate jigs for this purpos

Magnetic Properties of Hematite

Hematite is often used to make jewelry.perle noire image by Danielle Bonardelle from Fotolia.comHematite is an iron oxide mineral. It ranges in color from red to reddish brown, brown, silver-gray, steel colored or black. Hematite derives its name from the Greek word for blood because of...

How to Convert From 3GP2

Smartphones include cameras that allow you to capture spontaneous activities or events you want to save as digital video memories. The memory storage capacity of most mobile devices, though, is somewhat limited. If you have videos from your phone you want to preserve, transfer them to a computer. Wh

Sizes of Humidor Devices

Humidors range in size from small units that fit in your pocket to large humidors that hold hundreds of cigars. No matter what size of a humidor you buy, the device should help you properly store your cigars so they do not dry out and become brittle. The humidor should also provide enough room to ho

Why Are People So Attracted to Flowers?

Flowers have always captured the admiration of mankind. Their evolutionary development, though, has nothing to do with humanity but is in every sense concerned with attracting the flying insects and birds necessary for pollination. With our highly developed senses of sight, smell, and touch, we are