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Uncle Sam Bear

Collecting Patriotic and Uncle Sam Cookie Jars

Crape Paper Christmas Ball Decoration

Make a crape paper traditional style Christmas trimming ball. The ball opens like a book and pulls the crape paper making a diamond shaped pattern as it forms a three dimensional ball. Make mini ball for the Christmas tree and big balls to hang from the ceiling.

Making Cold Process Soap

What is soap? Soap is a substance that's used for cleansing and it is made when a chemical reaction occurs between lye (Sodium Hydroxide) and fat. When making soap, there are some substances that are necessary for this process. Let's take a look at them.

Sewing - A Way to Connect With Ourselves and Relax

Sewing can be mentally stimulating and meditative and, studies have shown that sewing can help to reduce stress and other illnesses. In our fast-paced lives, sewing is a great way to connect with ourselves, use some creativity, and stimulate the brain. Plus, it can be ego-building and relaxing.

Make Your Kids a Craft Space

Kids love to play and learn new things. What better way to teach them than to give them their own place to make new things.

Antiques and How to Have Them Appraised

Though buying and selling antiques can be a profitable career choice, the majority of people are uniformed when it comes to the antique pieces they have in their possession today. Many have furniture that has been passed down throughout family and be unaware of the actual dollar value of the pieces

How to Lightly Antique Furniture With a Glaze

Antique furniture is often appreciated for its sturdy construction, as well as the warmth and beauty that comes with age. Recreate the look of an antique on a newer piece of painted furniture by applying a light glaze over the painted surface. Universal tint, mixed with water, is one option for a

Top Tips for Collecting Autographed Photos

Autographed photos have become such big business that at any public engagement sports stars, actors, actresses and in fact anybody who is in the public eye at the moment, will be be ready and willing to sign photos of themselves. Autographed photos are definitely a growing trend for today's ast

Ideas For Things To Do When Your Bored

Unfortunately being bored is one of those things that can happen to us all. A friend cancels a meet up you had planned earlier within the week and all of a sudden we find ourselves in a bit of a fix without something to do and boredom gets the chance to stick its ugly head in.

How much is my Persian Rug worth?

Valuing a Persian Rug is truly formidable and a slippery slope, in the opinion of iloveev dot com, a business specifically deals in Darius Antique Rugs in New York City. As Persian rugs vary so ...

How To Get A Clue About Sewing - An Overview

I confess that I do not know a great deal about sewing. When I was in junior high (that dates me), I took a course called Home Living. They taught us guys and gals how to do basic sewing stitches. But, believe it or not, when I was a boy scout, there was a merit badge in there somewhere for knowing

What Are the Easy Christmas Crafts For You?

Christmas is a great opportunity to dedicate time to crafting activities. Either you are passionate about crafts or you simply want to have some original decoration items for this winter season, there are plenty of ideas you can put into practice.

Antique Collectibles From Cameo Doll Company

Founded in 1922, Cameo Doll Company primarily produced wooden dolls but they also created dolls made of bisque, vinyl, hard plastic, and celluloid. Most of the designs were made by Joseph Kallus who also designed for other doll manufacturers such as Effanbee Corporation and Ideal Novelty and Toy Com

Tips for Radio Controlled Boats

We all know that problems are going to occur with our RC boats. Problems could vary from interference to range issues. Here are a few tips to prevent or repair a few common problems. It's better to be safe than sorry. So if you think you might need any of these, feel free to help yourself.

Have You Got Latest Sewing Machines In Your Home?

Managing a home being a working woman is really challenging. Salute to all the woman’s who handle their home as well as office at one go.For some, looking at oneself is more time consuming.

Introduction and Materials

Stringers are thin piece of glass used to decorate lampwork beads as well as fused glass jewelry components.