How to Make a Bird Table

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What Is a Split Floor Plan?

Families with children will appreciate split floor plans, also known as split bedroom floor plans, which are homes designed with the master bedroom on the opposite end of the house from the other bedrooms.

How to Eradicate Groundhog Dens

Groundhogs, sometimes called woodchucks or marmots, are rodents that dig large underground tunnels. These burrows or dens often have two or more openings, allowing the groundhog a route of escape when in danger. Although most groundhogs do not present any threat to homeowners, they are known for des

Ideas for Kitchen Countertops

Countertops are an important design and functional feature in a kitchen.Modern elegant kitchen image by MAXFX from Fotolia.comHomeowners select countertops that reflect how they want their kitchen to feel when they prepare, serve and enjoy food. The materials used for countertops have...

How to Install Armstrong Swiftlock Flooring Over Concrete

Installing Armstrong SwiftLock flooring over an existing concrete floor can upgrade and beautify an aging area. Due to it's nature, SwiftLock laminate floors are designed not to be physically attached to the subfloor, and are therefore considered "floating floors." Using wood flooring to u

How to Cut a Counter Top

Countertops are constructed of various types of materials, but one of the most common is laminate. Laminate is typically applied to a wooden subsurface, which will make it fairly easy to cut using a power saw. With a laminate countertop, you will usually either be cutting an overhang or making a hol

How to Keep Double Hung Windows Clean

Double-hung windows are a popular window treatment for newer homes and apartments that provide two thick panes of glass, which insulates the window to prevent air from coming in during the winter and from seeping out during the summer. The common feature of double-hung windows is the ability to fold

Contemporary Ideas for a Kitchen

When a traditional, homey kitchen is not your style, a contemporary design creates a modern feeling in one of the most highly-trafficked rooms in the house. Contemporary kitchens do not have to be done in chrome and high-shine steel. And they can be worked into any type of home decor scheme and floo

How to Bend Polyisocyanurate Foam Board

Polyisocyanurate foam board is rigid foam used for insulation. Because of the board's excellent thermal properties, you can use thinner foam boards in place of thicker foam boards made of polystyrene and polyurethane. Polyisocyanurate is found with a range of R-values from 5.6 to 8 per inch of thick

How to figure a garage door rough opening

The face of a garage door tells only a portion of the story; behind the door lies an entire system of components that allow the door to work. The doors extend beyond the finished trim you see from the front, a fact that must be taken into consideration when framing and preparing the area for install

DIY Insect Fogger

An insect fogger is a tool used for outdoor pest control. Unlike chemical insect control, insect foggers do not harm the environment or human skin. The devices use smoke that insects are attracted to because of the included potassium nitrate. Commercial foggers are quite expensive. You can make your

Solar Photovoltaic Installation

Photovoltaic (PV) refers to a solar system that generates energy using solar panels or modules. Most PV systems allow property owners to use solar energy, which supplements a standard grid connection. Sometimes, owners install photovoltaic systems to generate 100 percent of their electrical needs. S

How to Build a Homemade Solar Cell

Factory-produced solar cells are manufactured using silicates, and these are beyond the reach of a home project. However, a different kind of homemade solar power cell can be built in virtually any kitchen using only an electric stove and a few other basic tools. While these cells have a limited pow

Granite Installation Tools & Techniques

Granite tile is, in many ways, the ultimate tile. Whether on a floor or a countertop, it's considered to be among the finest materials you can use because of its natural, rock-solid beauty and its enduring strength. That extreme hardness is the same characteristic that makes granite among the most d

Type of Vacuum to Use on Wood & Laminate Flooring

Your wood and laminate flooring is durable and beautiful. You may be wondering how to maintain that beauty. The best way is by vacuuming with a stick-type vacuum and dust mopping the floor on a regular schedule. Stick-type vacuums are inexpensive and available at many retail outlets.

Odor Removal From Crawl Spaces

A crawl space odor can intensify over time and make for an unpleasant area of your home. Eliminating odors from the crawl space can help you reclaim the extra storage space and prevent rodents and insects from making their home there. In order to eliminate the odor, you must determine the cause, and

What Are BTUs to Cubic Feet in Heating?

Joules, kilowatt-hours, foot-pounds, calories, electron-volts, BTUs... Energy is measured in many different units depending on the form of the energy and the needs of the person doing the measuring, but energy is energy, and converting between units is a simple matter of multiplication. Sometimes, h

How to Grow Doublefile Viburnum

Doublefile Viburnum's are often overlooked as a landscape choice. Graceful horizontal branches spread an impressive 12 feet on this bushy deciduous shrub. Reaching a height of 10 feet, the furrow- veined, dark green leaves perfectly frame white flowers in May. Bright red berries follow in July and A

How to Cover Ceiling Planks in Between Open Beams

Exposed ceiling beams that are beautifully finished can lend dramatic charm to any room. You can accomplish this design by installing faux wood ceiling beams if you have plumbing or wires that must be covered by drywall and can't be removed. For those who are able to use their finished, original bea

How to Care for Natural Marble Shower Tiles

Natural marble is a porous stone that scratches easily, so it requires extra care and cleaning. Marble tiles can be used in the kitchen and bathroom on the floor, bathtub and shower surfaces. Because of the absorbent nature of natural marble, it is best not to use abrasive or acidic cleaners to avoi

How to Finish Edges of Wall Trim Tile

Often when you tile a wall, you'll tile the whole wall, from top to bottom and end to end, so you don't have to worry about how to end the tile field on the wall because it just ends at an adjacent wall. For those projects where the tiled area stops in mid-wall, however, you'll need to trim out that