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Ammonia and Home Safety

Whether you want to shine up your crystal, clean the oven, repel insects or use it for one of its other countless purposes, ammonia is a handy household cleaning agent that many homeowners use for various chores. Although this is an effective substance around the home, it is also a dangerous one. Be

How to Remove Water Stains on Cement From Flower Pots

All summer long, you take care of your plants by watering them and ridding them of any pests that may want to stay. When you move your plant, you find underneath the pots are water stains on your concrete floor. A power washer will help remove the stains, but many people do not have one of those. Us

How to Remove Barbeque Sauce Stains From Clothes

The barbecue stain comes out in full swing during the summer months. This particular stain lurks and waits, hiding in squeezable bottles and jars. The barbecue stain is patient and very particular of its prey, your clothing. It will come and you should be ready. To battle the barbecue sauce stain on

WD40 Stain Removal

WD-40, a lubricant commonly used to help loosen up mechanical parts, can play a role in stain removal. This is because WD-40 is also a solvent, which helps it break up adhesives and grease. While WD-40 shouldn't be used as an all-in-one stain removal solution, it is possible to get great results wit

How to Remove Oil Stains From Wood Floors

Oil is difficult to remove from fabrics, tile, and wood. The job is easier, however, if you treat the stain immediately after it occurs. Some scrubbing combined with household cleaners will usually do the trick. Oil stains that have been set for a long time on wood floors are much more difficult to

How to Protect Furniture From Cat Spray

The best way to protect furniture from cat spraying is to find the reason for the cat's behavior and take corrective action. Cats that spray on furniture do so for a number of reasons. Urine marking can be territorial in a multiple-cat household or as a reaction to other cats in the area. It may be

How to Prevent Mildew on Outside Paint

Mildew is a type of mold or fungus that can develop and grow on just about any surface including fabric, wood, paper and paint. Moist and humid conditions are the perfect breeding grounds for mildew to grow. Surfaces that are dirty also foster the growth of mildew. Exterior paint often falls victim

Plants to Clean Contaminated Pond Water

Certain plants do more than just look pretty in your yard or garden pond. Some plant types actually help clean your pond's water of impurities, making sure the water stays as fresh and healthy looking as possible. What the plant will clean depends on what type of plant it actually is.

How to Vacuum Broken Tempered Glass

Tempered glass, also called safety glass, has the advantage of being four to five times stronger than standard glass. It is made with a process that involves extreme heating and then rapid cooling. Tempered glass shatters into oval-shaped pebbles when broken, therefore there are no sharp edges that

How to Create Granitelike Countertops

Granite countertops are an expensive addition to a kitchen, making them less than a budget-friendly option for the do-it-yourself homeowner. If your old laminate countertops are in good condition, faux-finishing provides an inexpensive solution. With a can of primer, a few cans of stone spray paint,

How to Remove Ink

Toddlers can show their creativity and speed in many ways, sometimes by drawing giant squiggly lines all over the seat of your new living room chair with an ink pen. It's impractical to think you can replace an object once it becomes stained, particularly larger pieces that are pricey. Sometimes you

How do I Grow a Loofah Sponge?

The gourd plant Luffa aegyptiaca Mill, a member of the Cucurbitaceae family, is a native vegetable in South America commonly called a loofah or loofa. Grow this vegetable for a versatile sponge to use in the bath or kitchen. Use the loofah sponge to exfoliate your skin or to scrub pots, grills or ot

How to Clean Porcelain Figures

Porcelain figures are subject to dust, dirt and grime simply by sitting pretty in your home. Although you should dust your porcelain figures with a soft cloth regularly to prevent buildup, sometimes you need a cleaning technique that is more heavy-duty. Since the figures are often fragile and becaus

How to Stop My Dishwasher from Stinking

Dishwashers are more than convenient. They hide our dirty dishes from guests, keep our counters clear of clutter and clean the messes our toddlers and teens leave behind. Dishwashers, using water hotter than our hands can handle, also help keep us healthy by sanitizing dishes, glassware and utensils

How to Clean the Inside of Leather Coats

Because leather coats are damaged with excessive moisture, commercial washing methods are not advisable in cleaning the lining of these garments. There are, however, alternate methods available to effectively wash the lining of leather coats. Implement some easily obtained items with specific applic

How to Get Rotten Smells Out of Freezers

Whether food has gone rotten or been left open or it's just been too long since you've cleaned, the freezer can get stinky. Turning it off and deep cleaning is good to do annually but is not always practical. If you're having company or just don't have the time to deep clean, a few sprays and a box

How to Naturally Kill Gnats

Gnats can be tiny flying nuisances. There are several different types of gnats, and most of them are harmless--just annoying. They fall into the same order in the animal kingdom as mosquitoes and sand flies. By comparison they are the lesser of the evils, but this still doesn't mean that they're in

How to Remove Engine Oil Spills From Concrete Driveway

A leaky engine will not only wreak havoc on your car, but will also make a mess out of your concrete driveway. Whether you have a fresh oil spill or an old oil stain, it is possible to remove it from your concrete driveway with a little bit of hard work. Engine oil spills on concrete will set in qui