How to Hang a Canvas Mural

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Keeping Bugs Away

While you may enjoy sitting on your veranda or hosting parties during the summertime, bugs such as mosquitoes and flies, can ruin the party. Because verandas are open structures, it is very easy for bugs ...

Painting Render and Pebble-Dash

Best to break the job down to different sides of the house. Lay down sheets to paths, driveways on first side.

Do You Need Extra Seating in Your Home?

If you are looking for ways to get extra seating in your home you can achieve this by purchasing bar stools for your home. These types of seating comes in a variety and styles for you to choose from so that you are sure to fit the decor of any home. If you have a breakfast bar this is a great way to

Serveware And Casseroles For Warm Hospitality

Gone are the days when the kitchen had to be all sooty and black. With the modern times, there is a modernization in thoughts, style and perception and so, the kitchen has been modified from being the most ugly room in the house to being the near about most beautiful and gorgeous one.

Luxury Bedroom Decorating

You spend about a third of your life sleeping, so it makes sense to pamper yourself in your bedroom and splurge on luxurious furniture, bedding and decor. If your budget allows, go all out. If not, browse through magazines and home furnishing stores to get a sense of what you want to do. You can cre

How to Arrange a Bedroom Set in Relation to a Balcony

A bedroom needs a calm and peaceful ambiance for rest and relaxation. Consider the traffic pattern and the way you will use a bedroom as you arrange the furniture. Arrange a bedroom set in relation to a balcony to create an easy access to the doorway. With attention to details, your bedroom will flo

How to Paint Over a Mural

Ever move into a house where the previous owner thought it would be a brilliant idea to paint a giant mural on the bedroom wall? No matter how good the original artist was--you just don't have the same taste in wall decoration. Or maybe you've done something similar yourself--like painting cartoon c

How to Make Seat Cushions for Ladder-Back Chairs

The kitchen and dining room are the heart and social center of the house, but they are also the hardest to redecorate. Before buying new furniture, consider making new seat pads instead. It's easy and inexpensive to make cushions for ladder-back chairs.

How to Make a Sheet Swag in the Window

Planning window treatments can be a challenge. Fabric is expensive, and it takes a lot of fabric to cover larger windows. However, you can use sheets as a wonderful source of inexpensive fabric. You only need to re-hem one side and fold the sheet, and it is ready to hang as a swag. You can achieve a

Advice on Renting Appliances

There are many reasons the people would have to rent an appliance rather than purchase one. If you are picking the rent option, here is a little advice on how to do it. The first ...

Tips for Cleaning Varnished Wood

Natural wood furniture and fixtures add a sense of rustic elegance to a home. Hardwood floors, cherry oak furniture and wood doors beautifully set off the look of a home. However for varnished wood, cleaning it can be a bit scary if you do not know what you are doing.

How to Make Candle Holders Out of Jars

Using leftover glass jars to create customized candle holders is both thrifty and fun to do. Any size jar, from baby food jars to canning jars, will work for this simple project. You can decorate the jar however you like. Use glass paints or tissue paper decoupage to add color, or let kids decorate

Five Popular Quilt Patterns for Your Bedroom

Make your bedroom comfortable and stylish with the right furniture, bedding and home decor accessories. Opt for bedroom sets and quilts that will give your bedroom the look that you always wanted. Bedroom sets usually ...

How to choose the right mosquito net

Finding a mosquito net that is right for your needs is important and hopefully this article will help you with that. Are you researching what mosquito netting will serve your needs locally, overseas when your ...

How to Paint Bedroom Furniture With Melamine

Melamine is a type of oil-based paint best suited for painting wooden furniture, but in a pinch -- and with the right primer -- can also be used to paint over metal and plastics as well. Painting bedroom furniture with melamine is essentially the same as painting any other type of furniture, but the

How to Paint Chrome Trim

You might still love your old furniture, but looking at that '80s style chrome trim makes you think it's got to go. You don't have to replace all your furniture just because you don't like your chrome trim--just paint over it. Painting over chrome can result in a mess because it doesn't accept paint

Update Your Home With Accessories

The only place that can provide you with ultimate relaxation is your home. It is a place that holds memories of several precious moments including that of your childhood, and wonderful times spent with loved ones. You naturally want your home to look as beautiful as possible and for the very purpose

Classic Living Room Decorating Ideas - Part 2

If you've decided to decorate your living room in a classic or traditional style, this second part of our two part series will provide you with some wonderful tips and ideas.Elegance and comfort are essential elements of the classic style living room.