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What Is Fact-Based Selling Experience?

Business intelligence or "fact-based" information can be a valuable tool to help close sales. Fact-based sales information is simply data that is gathered and analyzed through the selling of a product of service. Some examples of fact-based information are retail sales numbers, profit margins, consu

Do House Termites Have Wings?

Homeowners are often troubled to find insects swarming inside their home. Termites are damaging pests that nest in soil, but can infest homes and damage the structure by feeding on wood. According to the University of Kentucky, finding winged termites inside your home is always cause for concern and

Stepwise Instruction to Install a Home Fire Safe

You just have got a new safe for your home. But you are puzzled and confused with all the hardware around and how to Install it at home. If you are that person, here is an article that details the stepwise procedure, easy to follow.

How to Test a Battery Under Load

There can be a difference when measuring a battery voltage when the battery is under load and not under load. When a battery is under load, it is connected to the circuit in which it is intended to be used and the circuit or device is turned on. For example, a flashlight battery is under load when i

What Is the Fan Used for in a Fireplace?

Many modern fireplaces have fans or blowers attached. They can be either built into ducting inside the fireplace itself or attached to a series of metal pipes inside the fireplace box. These pipes are called a heatilator.

How to Repair Duct Work

Leaking air ducts result in your air conditioning unit not functioning as efficiently as it should. Your air conditioning unit therefore works harder to cool your house, which means your utility bills will increase. There is also the risk that contaminants can enter the duct work and circulate aroun

How Can I Fix Velcro?

Generic hook-and-loop fastener tapes often are referred to by the brand name that made the fasteners popular: Velcro. The fastener comes in various sizes and colors, and can be applied to an object or garment with adhesive or sewn into place. The ease of operation of this type of fastener makes it a

How to Troubleshoot Soy Wax Candles

Soy wax candles are made from soy and are often considered an ecofriendly candle option because petrol products are not used. When making a soy wax candle or when burning the candle later, there are some common problems. To avoid a range of problems that might occur in the production of soy wax cand

Homemade Scented Oil for Fireplaces

Scented oils have long been used to help enhance one's mood and health, and today the art and science of aromatherapy is big business. And while scented soaps and candles have been commercially available for decades, it is only recently that scented oils have become available for use in one's firepl

Car Strobe Light - Usage And Significance In Today' s World

Emergency vehicles need to have the right type of lights that can alert the people on the road and get them to make way for the vehicle to pass. Though there are many types of lighting solutions in the market, nothing can be the effectiveness of the car strobe light.

How to Troubleshoot the Maytag MSD2652KEB

The Maytag MSD2652KEB Performa side-by-side refrigerator is an Energy Star-qualified unit with a total capacity of 25.6 cubic feet. The refrigerator features Maytag's Quiet Series 100 Sound Package, a covered dairy compartment, wire freezer shelves, electronic water and ice dispenser, and an adaptiv

Tips For Installing a Surveillance System

When it comes to installing a surveillance system, there are a few practices that are good to keep in mind. Not only will these tips help to extend the longevity of your surveillance system, but they will also keep your customers coming back for more. So let's review a few handy tips that novic

Tips For Choosing A Nevada Home Security Installation Company

Installing an alarm system on your Nevada home comes with many benefits. You'll save money on your homeowner's insurance premiums, you'll deter criminals from trying to break in, and monitored systems will automatically call for ...

Home Security Alarm System - Protect Your Home and Family

Installation of a home security alarm system, with monitoring, is the best protection you can buy to cut down the likelihood of your home being burgled. The best system to have is the type which has two way voice telephone communication.

Get Superior Garage Doors Installed in Your Home

To make sure your home is secure and looks its best, it is important to get only those garage installed that are superior to the general stock, both in terms of looks and performance. It's ...

How to Get Rid of Spider Mites Indoors

Spider mites can become a huge problem if they begin infesting your plants. They will feed on the plants and leave the leaves yellowed and littered with small, rust-like flakes. These mites may get on any indoor plants you occasionally take outside for fresh air and can then spread to other plants i