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The Patter of Tiny Feet

If ever you are lying in bed in the quiet and all of a sudden you hear a gnawing sound or the sound of something scurrying along the floor boards in the ceiling there is a big chance that you have mice. Unfortunately, where there is one mouse there are inevitably more, especially if they have found

Hiring the Best Pest Control Companies

Despite of many natural ways to eliminate pests at home, the growing number of these rogues and their gradual resistance towards many natural remedies has made us think to hire services of professiona

Pest Management - Prevention and Control for House Rodents

One of the economically important and troublesome pests is the house mouse also known as Mus musculus. These rodents can thrive under various conditions and can be quite a nuisance causing extensive damage once they enter your home or farms. Apart from consumption of food, these can also contaminate

Ant Pest Control Explained

There aren't very many people who like spiders. In fact, most people really prefer to stay as far away from most spiders as they can get.

Can Bed Bugs Carry Disease?

One seemingly unanswered question about bed bugs is whether or not they can carry disease. It is unanswered because it is a complicated question. In most cases right now, public health departments consider that the bugs transferring a disease is impossible, hence their usual classification of the bu

Silverfish Elimination

Silverfish elimination is a VERY easy guide to help you remove silverfish from your home.

What Bugs Bug You in Winter?

Although pests are less active in the winter, they don't go away completely. In fact, when it is cold outside, pests are more likely to come into your home.

News Alert! The Ultimate Bed Bug Killers

After a long day of agonizing work, you just want to unwind by strolling in the mall or dining out with your favorite friends. There are some instances that you are tremendously tired that you prefer to go home and drop your worn-out body into the bed instead.

Pests In Need of Controlling

Pests inside a home have the potential to pose a range of health risks to the family inside, as well as the family pets. It is often found to be the case that there is a varied array of pests which need controlling. If not treated they will simply continue to rapidly breed and cause harm to the home

The Preferred Method to Get Rid of Moles

If you have moles in your yard it is often very annoying. Once they get going they can tear up a yard in no time. There are many different ways to get rid of moles but there are also preferred ways to do it. Read this article to find out what the preferred ways are.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs With Bed Bug Powder

Hello my name is Stephen. About 2 Years ago we moved into our dream house. One morning my wife noticed several red itchy bites, at first we thought they were mosquitoes, we were wrong....

The Carpenter Ant

If you've ever seen a winged ant in or around your home, here is information on how to tell if it is a carpenter ant.

3 Tips to End the Bed Bug Feeding Frenzy - How You Can Remove Bed Bugs Safely

3 Tips to end the Bed Bug Feeding Frenzy - How you can Remove Bed Bugs Safely Bed bugs are night time insects that are extremely active and they feed mostly at night when their hosts (you, your spouse or your children) are fast asleep. During the day, while you and your family are up and on the mov