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Three Things to Think About Before Buying a Swimming Pool Heat Pump

Most people enjoy a good swim; for some there is no better feeling in the world. Many of these people often invest in a swimming pool in their garden, so they can go for a quick dip or a long swim any time they want, without the hassle of going all the way to the local pool. If you are one of these

NFC Seeks Native Fish Breeders

It is estimated that nearly 26 million Americans have a fish tank intheir homes. Many are experienced fishkeepers who have been keeping and breeding fish from such exotic locales as South America, Asia and Africa. Yet few consider keeping or breeding fish native to the United States. Maybe it's


A definition of the aquarium term Chiton

Interlocking Pavers

When building a patio or walkway, one of the more fun but challenging decisions you'll have to make is determining what type of paving material to use. The material should blend in with the architecture and landscaping, be easy to walk on, easy to maintain and weather-resistant.This photo galle

How to Select a Family Spa Pool

You would want to buy a spa pool which the whole family will use. This may not be a simple task given that everyone has different needs and that there are so many options to pick from. You will certainly benefit from practical tips which will help you with this.

Indoor Swimming Pool Design Ideas

There are many design ideas that can be incorporated into an indoor swimming pool that not only add beauty, but safety and function as well. There are plenty of the options to choose from when you begin the design process.

Quick and Helpful Tips For Maintaining Your Home Pool

A simple way to have your own piece of heaven in your home is to have a swimming pool. This additional home feature can be regarded as a luxury or a way to increase property value. In any way you treat this facility, everyone can surely have a better time enjoying it if only it is maintained at its

Aquarium Heater Types

Fish must rely on the temperature of the water to maintain their body temperature. That means that many aquariums require a heater, especially in northern climates. Here are the pros and cons of the different heater types.

How to Get Rid of Algae in a Swimming Pool Using Ammonia

A swimming pool is prey to contaminants like algae fouling the water. To get rid of the algae safely, use ammonia as the killing agent to raise the chlorine level of the water above 1 ppm (parts per million.) The ammonia will not stain the pool and is less expensive than using a metallic algicide. Y

How to Connect a Vacuum Hose

Connecting a hose to vacuum may refer to connecting the extension hose into a house vacuum's main suction hole for the first time or removing a damaged power nozzle hose in an upright vacuum and connecting a replacement hose. In the second example, connecting a replacement hose depends entirely on t

You Want A Pool But What Kind Fits Your Family's Needs?

A pool project is only limited by your imagination and your wallet! Just make certain if you are looking for an elaborate pool set up, be certain your pool contractor has photos and references to back up a claim that they can handle a large project.

Swimming Pool Installation And Maintenance Tips

As the homeowner, you can be sure to get that lovely property oasis. A pool that will not only provide a great place of relaxation and recreation for the entire family, but also help increases your property's value. If you are thinking of having a pool installed in your own backyard, know some

How to Climb Pool Steps

Swimming pools are commonly constructed with a set of pool steps installed. Pool steps enable swimmers to enter and exit the pool with ease and provide a safe environment for those that are disabled. However pool steps, if not taken properly, can be dangerous. The dangers associated with pool steps

How to Shop for a Pool Or Spa Filter Online

Online shopping for pool and spa filters offers a rather sizable cost savings compared to shopping in a retail pool store. However, if you do not prepare yourself for this transaction you could end up frustrated and purchasing the wrong product. It is important for you to know exactly what you are s

Pool Supplies - Germs Free Pool

Other ancient cultures also saw the significance of swimming, it was even taught to boys as part of their education in Ancient Rome and Greece. Water care products such as sanitizers, balancing chemicals, algae-treatment chemicals, stain treatment/prevention products, water clarifiers, saltwater sys

How to Make Homemade Pool Chemicals

Some expensive pool chemicals, such as pool shock, can be replaced with regular household items. Pool shock sanitizes the pool, re-establishes the chlorine level and oxidizes and eliminates contaminates such as bacteria, perspiration, saliva and dead skin cells. PH balancers, which keep the pH level