How to Grow Wheatgrass for a Decoration

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How to Fertilize Chives

Chives thrive in nearly any well-drained soil. These hardy perennials emerge in early spring in a grasslike clump of hollow leaves. Blooms appear atop the stems creating the illusion of tiny floating pompoms in delicate lavender. Used fresh in salads or dips or chopped and added to herbed butters or

How to Grow Dwarf Mulberries

Dwarf mulberry trees produce fruits approximately half the size of those found on traditional mulberry trees. These smaller versions can be grown by gardeners with limited space, as most reach heights of no more than 12 feet. Like their standard counterparts, dwarf mulberries do best with exposure t

The Best Time to Transplant Large Bushes

Transplant flowers and shrubs during early fall or spring so the plants have a chance to establish a new root system before the first frost or before summer temperatures rise. Some flowering bushes, such as lilacs, may not bloom until the following year after transplant. The best time to transplant

Homemade Japanese Beetle Repellent

Japanese beetles often ruin flowers. You can remove the beetles from your garden with a natural pesticide repellent. Before you make a repellent for the beetles, you will need to take precautions to protect yourself from the invasive beetles. Since Japanese beetles enjoy diseased plants, you will wa

How Many Radishes Can Grow From One Root?

Radishes are considered a root crop because, like carrots, beets and turnips, the root is the edible part of the plant. Each seed produces one plant that develops from a single root that eventually enlarges until it is large enough to harvest.

How to Maintain a Dracaena Massangeana Corn Plant

Dracaena fragrans "Massangeana," often called the corn plant, has course green and yellow leaves that grow from thick canes and appear similar to the long leaves of grain corn. Many corn plants are sold with multiple heads on a cane, and multiple canes in a pot. These plants are easy to ma

Are Moles a Problem Around Ponds?

Moles are mostly blind, burrowing rodent-like mammals of the family Talpidae. Moles can be a problem around ponds because they enjoy creating their complex burrows and tunnels in loose soil, and are attracted to the disturbed dirt around your pond liner or rigid form, as well as natural ponds and wa

How to Germinate Seeds With a Paper Towel

When gardeners germinate seeds, they routinely do it in soil or other similar growing media. They cover the seed under the soil, provide it with light and water, and in a few days, a seedling pops up. But many seeds need only the water and coverage to sprout. Many seeds can be germinated with a cons

Poplar Tree Habitat

The poplar tree is a fast-growing deciduous tree that is often planted to create shade and windbreaks or incorporated by architects to provide visual interest in landscaped areas, such as railways, parking lots and highways, thanks to its shimmering leaves. The most common poplar species is the whit

Directions for Lighting Hydroponic Plants

When growing plants indoors, it is important to provide an environment similar to their natural state, including amount and intensity of light needed to produce fruits and flowers. Few lights come close to mimicking the sun, but the light that comes closest is called a high-pressure sodium light. Th

How Does a Pomegranate Grow?

CultivationPomegranates are tropical and subtropical fruits that grow on shrubs or trees. The plants grow from seeds, which easily germinate in approximately 6 weeks. As seedlings develop into plants, leaves are trimmed to promote a healthy single stalk that will become the trunk of the...

Can You Grow Fig Trees From Clippings?

Many consider the luscious fig an exotic fruit, with its sweet smell, dramatic coloring and nutty flavor. However, fig trees require less effort than many American standards such as the peach tree. The hardy fig requires little pruning or fertilization, and you can grow a backyard full of fig trees

Western Red Lily Information & Facts

The Western red lily is also known as the wood lily, prairie lily and the Western lily. Red petals with an orange center characterize this plant. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service lists the Western Lily under the Endangered Species Act.

The Effects of Rain Water on Plants

Rainwater is vital to a plant's health.rain image by Nikolai Sorokin from Fotolia.comPlants are autotrophs or obtain all the nutrients they need from the environment around them. Rainwater plays an important role is this function. Rainwater is the most natural way for plants to obtain...

Date Palm Species

Many different species are called "date palms," but the Phoenix dactylifera species is the only variety that produces the edible and flavorful date fruits. Date palm trees have been cultivated for thousands of years.

Fall Flower Arranging Ideas

Fall Flower Arrangingpot of dried plants image by Craig Hanson from Fotolia.comBe inventive with fall flower arrangements and find inspiration in the traditions of the season. The colors and textures of fall flowers are distinctive and often vivid oranges and golden yellows. Mix them with...

Yellow Flowering Shrub that Blooms in Summer

How refreshing it can be in the middle of summer to look about your landscaping and still find blooming shrubs undeterred by the heat. Those with yellow flowers include a number of species suitable for the majority of the U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones. If yellow is one of your

New Hampshire Rain Garden Plants

A New Hampshire rain garden includes plants native to the susans image by Carbonbrain from Fotolia.comRain gardens comprised of native plants soak up rainwater and filter it after it drains from sources that may contain contaminants, such as driveways, parking lots and...

How to Prune Grape Vines in S. California

Southern California has ideal weather and soil for growing grapes. As a vigorous grower, grapes require deep, fertile, well-drained soil and full sun to produce the best fruit. Pruning vigorous growing vines like the grapevine is necessary to keep the vine tidy. With a proper pruning, you modify bot