Mercury Retrograde Strikes Again!

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Scorpio Horoscope For September 2010

Getting on with others and good people skills will be a key feature of this period. Pulling together within a team or mingling with a group of like-minded others, but staying a little bit in the background at times, tucking yourself away to get things done, or putting your own preferences on one sid

Tarot Accesses Mass Consciousness to Predict and Report Data

Tarot itself reflects what a person is actually thinking at the time that person is handling the Tarot deck. There is no doubt of this: At least one scientist has demonstrated this fact, and you can too. Tarot has become, through human tradition, through years of use, and probably through intelligen

Fortune Telling With Skin Moles

Did you know that the moles that appear on your skin periodically play a role in your future too and not just indicate the changes in your body? Using the moles on the body some people can tell the fortune and this is called moleoscopy or moleomancy and even molesophy. Different people have differen

Your Birthday And Numerology

Each number in your life is significant. With numerology, you can take a look at these numbers and discover who you are meant to be and what you are meant to do. One of the most important personal details used in numerology is your date of birth.

Shani Kavach - An Unbreakable Shield

Shani Kavach, as the name defines, is associated with the astrological planet Shani (or Saturn), and Lord Shani. To know more about it, read on.

Can a Yagya Solve Your Problems?

A yagya is a Hindu ceremony that can supposedly boost your luck. The ceremony is often guided by astrological considerations. Should one ever consider having a yagya performed?

Tips For A Girly Yet Wild Bedroom Make Over

For a girlish look and cozy atmosphere with a blend of a wild side, pink zebra print is the coolest theme for that! Since the print that is in the trend today are that of the wild animals, they are only limited to neutral colors (white, black, brown, gray) which not all eyes got an appetite for such

Astrology Stinks in the Nostrils of God!

Astrology is the art of observing the positions of the stars in the belief that they influence human affairs. I have been a target of so many astrologers who are so determined to market their ideas. My mailbox is replete with so many of their letters. These funny mails kept coming despite our diverg

Solar Return Astrology For the USA

Each year when we celebrate a birthday in astrology we call that time the solar return. The solar return is when the sun returns to the same location it was the day you were born. A chart is cast for that moment and from that chart we can sneak a look at what is in store for the year ahead.

Get The Clue To Numerology

Numerology helps to know the nature of a person and also at the same time helps to unfold the mystery of the future

Relationship Chart - What You See is What You Get - Actuality

Relating is a primary motivation within the human kingdom. We not only want physical proximity and mating but we want intellectual, emotional, spiritual and social connectivity as well. We search the world for our significant other and find a variety of possibilities. The lure of a wonderful, perhap

Aligning in Our Awareness, The Month of Gemini 2015

The Synthesis of Spring! Whenever our Sun journeys through a mutable sign, our current season is getting ready to conclude and finish it's yearly duties. As we communicate change within Gemini, The Twins flavor our lives with plenty of intellectual stimulation- ultimately asking us to unite our

Vastu Tips To Increase Positivity In Home

Vastu is a set of principles that most of the home owners believe in, which helps them to lead a blissful life. Vastu guidelines provide scientific explanations on how to design your house to bring positive energy. It is always better to take some time out and search an ideal house or apartment whic

Gemini and Aquarius - Compatibility

Aquarius and Gemini will make good partners. The sudden, the unpredictable action of the Aquarius will be totally enjoyed by the Gemini. Gemini always likes new, innovative ideas, and Aquarius can't live without producing creative ideas every day. This will make them a good pair.

Introducing Simple Advice In Document Management

Citing a common example of intranet here: Almost all companies and agencies have intranet with multiple features to keep everyone connected, informed, and also perform basic operation such as timesheets, appointments, and store files. The cost savings of nearly eliminating paper with documents manag