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Where To Find Card Making Ideas?

When we come across people with expertise in making card, we wish we too could make cards by ourselves for presenting to our friends and relatives.

Alien Voices from Space 1

On 8th January, 1971, Greater London Radio featured a phone-in on the subject of UFOs

A Trip Through the Universe

A young woman feeling alone and desperate because of money needed for important dental work experiences a remarkable vision at the hand, perhaps, of her guardian angel.

Just to Make Sure He's Dead

Angela Simpson was indicted for murder... but this wasn't your usual stabbing, strangling or beating death. Police say she chose "all of the above," and we have her mug shot.

Traditional Maori Tattoo Patterns

Maori tattoo patterns offer one type of tribal tattoos which has become a popular choice for many individuals. The Maori tattoo meanings are significant to those with a connection to the Maori people


U2 - Barack Obama Inaugural Celebration 2009

Etheria Jackson

A photo of Florida death row inmate Etheria Jackson from the Crime and Punishment Florida Death Row photo gallery.

Michael O'Connor

Michael's love of books was kindled in high school after discovering Hubert Selby Jr.'s Last Exit to Brooklyn, which taught him that there are millions of ways to tell a story and millions of stories to tell.He hopes that someday he'll be able to repay all the authors and artists who&

The Borgias Season 1 Episode 5

The Borgias is a new Showtime original series that will give an unvarnished portrait of one of history's most infamous and intriguing family dynasties of the Italian Renaissance. The series b