How to Rent an Apartment With No Job

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Reasons to Become Financially Literate

Educating ourselves financially is pretty much important. The fact is very few people are keen to know more in terms of financial education. The main reason for this is people are not at all know ...

How to Retire and Save Money

You dreamed for years about the day you would finally retire. Now that you have realized that dream, you are looking for ways to save money. There's no reason why you would not continue to save, because there are luxuries you have always coveted as well as inflation that takes its toll, particularly

What Skills Do I Need to Get a Roughneck Job?

A roughneck is a member of an oil-drilling operation. Most roughnecks perform a variety of tasks in oil rig or mining activities. These duties range from helping production foremen and working on derrick floors to tending drilling engines and operating pipe tongs. If you plan to become a roughneck,

Requirements for Leasing a Car

Leasing and financing requirements are similar, although leasing is more restrictive. Leasing banks often require increased insurance coverage and limits, gap insurance and good to excellent credit. Before pursuing a lease, determine which information you can expect to provide your dealership and ba

How a Certificate of Deposit Works

Certificates of deposit, or CDs, provide a safe investment for people looking to invest their money for a fixed period of time. However, the returns do not historically equal those of riskier investments, such as mutual funds or stocks.

How to Shut Down an IRA Account

An Individual Retirement Account, or IRA, can be shut down in several ways for the purpose of dissolving assets, meeting financial hardship needs or transferring to another type of IRA. Depending on the kind of IRA, and how the account is shut down, taxes and withdrawal penalties may become due from

How to Find the Interest Portion of an Amortized Payment

Amortization allows lenders to set a single monthly payment for the term of a loan that accounts for accruing interest and the principal amount. The outstanding balance decreases over the life of the loan, so the interest and principal amounts change each time you make a payment and as less interest

Traveler's Checks Vs. Cashier's Checks

Traveler's checks and cashier's checks are both financial instruments designed to afford special protection to either the person writing the check, the person cashing the check or both. Each has benefits and limitations. Knowing a little about each will help you decide which is appropriate for your

Can I Get a Federal Grant for a Master's Degree While on Unemployment?

People receiving unemployment benefits may be able to keep them if they enter a master's degree program and are eligible to receive other financial aid. However, the rules about being a student and unemployment eligibility can be interpreted in many different ways. A few students have been taken to

Why Should You Buy Life Insurance in Singapore?

A record shows that people in Singapore with lesser responsibility and living a relatively risk-free lives tend to assume that they do not need any life coverage. On the other hand, only those paying higher ...

A Beginner's Guide For Safe Investing In Your Retirement

Investing for retirement is a crucial step to insuring financial stability when you retire. In addition, it can provide some financial relief to any family you may leave behind. People are interested in different forms ...

Rollover IRA Conversion Limits

Rollover IRA conversion limits refer to two different transactions performed with an IRA. A rollover is a type of transfer of assets whether it involves an existing Roth or a traditional retirement plan. A conversion takes traditional retirement plan assets and restructures them into Roth IRA assets

What Happens If You Cash a Check That Is a Fraud?

A check is considered fraudulent when the person who wrote it either intentionally falsified information on the document or else issued the check knowing it would not clear (for example, because the account has no money in it). Sometimes, the person who tries to cash a fraudulent check is not the pe

How to Cut Your Rent at Home

If you rent your home, the money you pay your landlord each month for the privilege of living there is likely your biggest fixed expense. When times are tough and money is tight, you may need to find ways to cut your expenses. Cutting your rent may require some sacrifices on your part, but it's poss

Portfolio Analysis Limitations

Portfolio analysis is designed to examine an entire group of holdings, such as investments, products or properties. In portfolio analysis, you look at the forecasted returns on each item in the portfolio and make decisions about how resources should be allocated to receive optimum gain, or return. Y

What Is a Typical Cosmetologist Salary?

The word "cosmetics" comes from the Greek word "kosmetikos," meaning "skilled in adornment." A cosmetologist is an individual who helps clients appear at their best. They may offer services for hair, such as cutting, shampooing, styling and coloring; for nails, such as cutting, shaping and applying

Tax Advantages of Investment Account Retirement Plans

Social Security was intended to be a supplemental retirement income. Many companies have abandoned employee pension plans, or people change jobs too often to earn an employer pension. Retirement planning requires more self-reliance, but the government offers several tax incentives and...

What to Do With Cash During a Depression?

When the economy contracts, as happens during recessions and depressions, many people want to keep their assets in cash, considering it to be a safer investment than the stock market or real estate. Others look for opportunities to invest.Your decision about what to do with cash during a

Information Required for an International Money Transfer

The most common way for individuals to transfer money internationally is through a wire transfer. A number of companies exist to help with these transfers, or they can be done between banks, although banks are slower and more exact on requirements. The exact requirements depend on what kind of trans

Living Cheap in Retirement

After retirement, you go from having a steady income to waiting for your retirement check each month. Sometimes, retirement requires you to step back and re-evaluate your household expenses, which will enable you to accumulate the extra funds to take vacations. Whether or not you ever take an extend