Causes of Regurgitation in Birds

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The Many Faces of Decorative Bird Feeders

For many people their gardens are a part of their home that they take a lot of pride in. They will paint it in such a way that the garden is almost an expression of the artist in them. The plants they choose will reflect this as will the garden furniture and even the type of bird feeders they pick.

Bird Seed Feeders, What Bird Feed Should I Use?

Do you ever find it hard to choose the right bird seed feeders and then to image the number of bird feed to choose from. Are you overwhelmed with the choices of different foods available? The following will help eliminate those headaches.

How to Begin Bird Watching at Home

While bird watching is a satisfying hobby, it often requires a good investment of time and patience. With minimal equipment and effort it's possible to begin bird watching from home, read on to find out how.


Photo gallery of all 50 state birds, including when and why each bird was officially adopted, what states share the same birds and information about seeing your state's bird.

Taming Finches - Training is Possible, But Must Be Handled With Care

It is hardly expected that finches can perform the same tricks that African Greys could. However, that is not always the case. Sure, many people got finches or canaries thinking that they are just there to provide beautiful melodies and beauty itself. But then with time and work, it is possible to a

Looking After Your Pet Parrot - How to Make Them a Part of Your Family

It goes without saying that all pet birds, not just pet parrots, need to be looked after properly. Ideally you should purchase your bird from a reputable bird breeder. Your bird must be made to feel like a member of your family if it is to thrive and to do that your bird must be treated well and han

Birds the Only Animals That Could Fly

Birds are vertebrate animals with feathers. There are over 10,000 species living today and they are spread in a geographical area from Arctic to Antarctic. When it comes to size the bee humming bird is only 2 inches while the biggest bird ostrich is 9ft.

Gouldian Finch Diet

The gouldian finch is considered to be an endangered species in its wild habitat of Australia. The vividly colored finches are popular pets throughout the world despite the fact that they do not care to be held and are not affectionate. The gouldian finch has the reputation of being far more difficu

How to Train Racing Pigeons

Good training in young birds; I have found is critical in giving them every opportunity to win particularly the first couple of races. By taking your youngsters as close to the first race point as possible you will increase your chances of winning and you shouldn't be worried about whether they

How to Hatch Chicks Without an Incubator

In a perfect world, a few hens would live in everyone's back yard, giving all families farm fresh eggs on a daily basis. No matter how small or large the enterprise, the excitement of starting out in raising chickens comes from the miracle of external embryo growth that occurs in egg-laying, or ovip

Psychic Bingo Bird

This true Bingo story is just too amazing not to be told! I have a psychic Lovebird named Bingo who picks out my Bingo numbers.

How to Feed Bread to Chickens

Chickens, which eat an omnivorous diet, naturally feed on foods such as seeds, berries, termites, ticks and slugs. They will also eat just about anything provided by their owners, including bread. However, just because the chicken will relish a food item does not mean it is healthy for the chicken.

Rescue Parrots and Why You Should Get One

Why a adopting a rescue parrot can be a very rewarding experience. Adopting a parrot can be a joy you have never known because they are in need of love, attention and security. Parrots have become the third most chosen pet and now many are in need of re-homing because the people who originally got t

How to Hatch the Yoshi Egg in "Paper Mario"

Early in the storyline of “Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door,” Mario saves a Yoshi egg from the hungry hands of a hotdog salesman. Afterward, the egg follows Mario around but doesn’t contribute to your team’s efforts. However, a Yoshi will emerge from the shell when you nee

How to Breed a Spanish Timbrado Canary

Spanish Timbrado canaries are famed for their bright, cheery song, which is frequently reported to sound like Spanish castanets. The newest breed of song canary, they are also friendly and come in a range of colors, which has led to an increase in the number of pet shows for these birds to show off

Chicken Coop Building Plans - Choose From 4 Designs!

Chicken coop building plans are the single most important aspect to constructing a DIY chicken coop. The right plans will allow you to build the perfect coop as cheaply as possible, in as little time as possible. This article outlines the 4 basic chicken coop designs, and guides your hand to the nex

How to Get a Hen & a Rooster to Mate

Unlike fish eggs that can be fertilized after they are laid, Chickens must mate with a rooster before laying a egg in order to create offspring. A varied amount of success can be had by simply keeping a rooster with your hens, but there are several easy steps that you can take to guarantee the succe

How to Build Homemade Chicken Houses

Although chicken houses can vary widely in shapes and sizes, a basic chicken house is comprised of the following basic elements: the coop, the nesting boxes and the run. The nesting boxes are generally contained within the walls of the coop, while the run is an outdoors area, contained within a fenc

Dual-Purpose Types of Chickens

Domesticated chickens are divided into three classes. There are the meat breeds, raised mainly for the dinner table; egg-laying breeds, raised mainly for their egg output; and the dual-purpose breeds that can be raised both for meat and for eggs. Dual purpose breeds don't put on weight like meat bre