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Control the Pesky Problem of Saltwater Aquarium Algae

There is one problem in life that affects every single aquarium owner whether it's saltwater or freshwater, and that problem is algae growth.On this subject, there is good news and bad news.The bad news is that you cannot completely get rid of saltwater aquarium algae, but the good news is that

Saltwater Aquarium Supplements

Not a few people are mesmerized with the idea of having a saltwater aquarium full of dazzling tropical fish in the living room. Without any doubt, saltwater aquariums are usually breath-takingly beautiful. Either you have one for hobby or as a marine biologist; you will agree that maintaining a salt

Betta Fish Disease Symptoms

Betta fish are popular freshwater aquarium fish characterized by their bright colors and long, flowing fins. They are an average of 2 to 3 inches in length and originated from Siam, where they were used as fighting fish, giving them another name-- "Siamese fighting fish." Veterinary...

Red Rashes and Aquarium Fish Diseases

Keep fish healthy by keeping aquariums clean and living conditions image by Natalia Pavlova from Fotolia.comFish kept in a home aquarium can be susceptible to a variety of diseases and conditions. The appearance of red streaks or a red rash may be a sign of red pest disease...

How to Care for Mandarin Fish

Mandarin fish are known for their bright blue or green bodies, which are covered with orange, green or blue wavy lines. These fish require an established reef tank with properly regulated water temperature and salinity levels in order to survive. One of the biggest issues in caring for these fish is

Can A Tropical Fish Tank Keep You Healthy?

Studies have shown that people who own a tropical fish tank are calmer and suffer from less ill health than those who dont. Dogs and cats are also known to have therapeutic benefits. Stroking a dog or cat has been proven to provide a calming effect on the brain.But the simple observation that watchi

Betta Fish Dropsy

Betta fish dropsy should not be taken lightly. If left untreated, it can be fatal. Betta dropsy is not an actual illness, but is a symptom of an internal problem, such as a bacterial infection.

Take Care of Your Freshwater Aquarium

If you are interested in your fish living as well as they possibly can, you have to pay attention to all the details which have to do with the aquariums they live in. In fact, this goes both for saltwater and freshwater fish, therefore, both with saltwater and freshwater aquariums.

Rules for Changing a Ballast for a School

The federal government has established new rules for changing the ballasts in the schools. These rules focus on providing better lighting quality for students and also conserving energy with more-efficient lighting.

Tropical Discus Fish - How to Take Care of This Fish

Tropical discus fish that are caught in natural habitats are not common and in high demand across the world. They need a bit more care than your everyday discus fish bred in captivity. In their natural environment, discus fish caught in natural settings like the calmer, deeper water in lakes and dee

How To Clean Bio Balls in a Freshwater Aquarium?

Keeping freshwater fish can be a fascinating hobby, but it is important to have the right filtration in place before you purchase your first fish. Since an aquarium is a closed environment, you will need a way to remove fish waste, uneaten food and other potential contaminants from the water. One of

How Should You Set Up Fake Plants in a Tank?

Plastic or silk artificial plants have many advantages over real aquatic plants. They can't be eaten, don't have any tricky lighting requirements and don't rot. According to "The Everything Aquarium Book," you should choose plants that do not have metal pieces, since these can rust and leech dangero

How to Make Food for a Baby Betta Fish

An adult betta fish is a low-maintenance pet. Betta fish breathe oxygen from the surface of the water, rather than through gills, so they do not need pumps or filters to keep the water oxygenated. They can survive in a regular fish tank or bowl. Baby betta fish, or betta fry, require a lot more atte

Tall Aquarium Plants

Tall plants are good for the fish in your aquarium. They take the carbon dioxide produced by the fish and, through the photosynthetic process, produce oxygen for the fish. They give the fish comfort by providing a place for them to sleep and breed. They even benefit aquarium owners, because they loo

Efficient Care Requirements for Aquarium Fish

You need not to purchase the most expensive kinds of fish just to set up the best aquarium. This can be luxurious already. What you need to know is the proper way of maintaining your aquarium to make it pleasing to the eyes at all times.

How to Buy a Goldfish Bowl

One of the first pets that children would be eager to take responsibility for is the goldfish. Goldfish are undoubtedly the most common and rewarding of all pets and for budding fish enthusiasts or children. Visually appealing and available in a palette of bright colors, goldfish are easy to care fo

How to Plant Aquatic Moss

Mosses are non-vascular plants. Unlike typical garden plants, mosses depend on a moist, shady environment to provide moisture rather than a system of roots and stems. Mosses are found worldwide, and there are over 14,000 species. Gardeners often scorn the presence of moss in their garden ponds, cons