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Horse Mane Bags: Why You Should Consider Using Them

Everybody would like for their horse to have a good looking mane full of thick hair. In reality this rarely happens on its own, it takes a lot of work to get your horse to have a great looking mane. One of the best ways to get a good looking mane is to use a horse mane bag.

Horse Stall Games

Curious, active animals that are naturally hard-wired to move about in search of food, the horse is not well-suited to long periods of confinement in a small enclosure like a stall. Horses kept in stalls day and night can develop habits like cribbing, which can lead to ulcers and life-threatening di


The meaning of buckle guard as used when talking about English style saddles.


Gray horses can be almost black flecked with white hairs or entirely white. Find out how to identify the colors of horses. Horse glossary definition.

How to Make an Odds Line in Horse Racing

The morning line can be a useful tool for a bettor at the race track. This line is created by the track's handicapper, usually an employee of the track who works with the horseman, such as a groom. The handicapper looks over the horses entered in each particular race and sets the initial odds based

How to Learn the Parts of the Saddle

No matter what style of riding you do or breed of horse you work with, it is important to have the right tack. A sturdy, safe, well-built saddle is important for your safety and your equine companion's. New riders need to learn about the different parts of the saddles they are using because each par

Horse Shelter Ideas

Horses need a quality shelterhorses image by Earl Robbins from Fotolia.comIt is important to provide your horse with quality shelter, no matter what breed of horse you own or what type of riding you do. A good horse shelter allows the horse to get out of the wind, as well as the extremes...

Herbal Treatments for Horses

As free-ranging grazers, horses are natural herbalists. Dandelion, chicory, red clover and yarrow may be growing wild in your pasture, already a regular part of a horse's daily fodder. With the help of a qualified herbalist or holistic veterinarian, horse owners can supplement these naturally occurr

Horse Parasites Overview - Roundworms, Strongyloids and Botflies

Horses, like all other mammals large and small, can fall victim to parasites. These creatures, defined as organisms that live in or on and feed off of another organism, can be found nearly anywhere and can enter your horse's body with no indication at all. There is virtually no way to be certai

The Definition of Sound

When you talk about horses, what is sound? Find the glossary definition of sound in About Horses Glossary of Horse Terms.

Falabella Horse Information

When many people see the tiny size of the Falabella, they assume they must be looking at a pony. But despite its diminutive size, the Falabella is actually a perfectly scaled miniature version of a full-sized horse. There are many miniature horses in the world, each with its own unique history and s

How to Raise Baby Horses

You might have to take care of a baby horse if the mother gets sick of dies. A mother usually takes care of her foal the best, but here are a few things you can do to make sure the baby horse is raised best.

How to Train a Horse to Free Lunge

Lunging is an exercise to help horses get used to taking directions from riders without the rider actually on their back. It involves the rider getting the horse to move around in a circle to help the horse find balance without the weight of the rider, teach the horse different vocal commands and de

Bringing Home My First Horse

One of the first things my dad had to do in preparation for the arrival of my first horse was to sell the 1967 Mustang he thought I would chose over a horse on my sixteenth birthday.  My dad was a mechanic by trade, as was his father.  I learned from my aunt that dad was in the garage clea

How to Attach a Lunge Line to a Bridle

Lunging from the bridle offers different challenges than using a halter or lunging cavesson. Connecting a lunge line directly to the bridle should only be done with a well-schooled horse that you have worked with before. An inexperienced horse may jerk its head and inadvertently pull the bit through

Colic Symptoms in Pregnant Mares

A pregnant mare may have typical colic symptoms.horse 8 image by Harvey Hudson from Fotolia.comThe term "colic" applies to a range of different equine digestive problems. At its base, colic refers to a stomachache, usually resulting from blockage in the horse's gut. Blockages consist of...

How to Cure the Mange on a Horse

Four different types of mange can affect horses: sarcoptic, demodectic, psoroptic and chorioptic. Caused by different mites, these types of mange typically produce common symptoms, including skin lesions, crusting, hair loss and thickening of the skin, states the Merck Veterinary Manual. Fortunately