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All About 35 Millimeter Film Scanners

Those who have an interest in photography, or those whose job involves editing pictures may already be familiar with 35 mm film scanners. Film scanners in general are devices which are used for scanning photographic film directly into a computer without the need for any other type of device. The goo

The Digital Photography Guide to Professionals Tricks

Undoubtedly there is no other industry that has been hit with such a tremendous growth over the past 20 years than the electronics field. Technology has changed many things but no where is it more evident than with digital photography. Digital photographs give instant access to the photos you have t

How to Take Attractive Pictures of Yourself

If hiring a professional portrait photographer isn't in your budget, you can take high quality, attractive pictures of yourself. Whether you want to share a recent picture with family and friends or are embarking on a "portrait-a-day" themed project for a photography class, turning the camera on you

Add Uniqueness to Your Wall

Are you in a mood to choose something extraordinary for your home decor which is unique in it style and a little different from others households?Does your house have quite a big wall in your living room and you want to do it in an artistic and classic way? Split canvas photography here comes in pic

Becoming a Wedding Photographer

There has been such a huge influx of people wanting to make a living through wedding photography these days, that I almost get as many enquiries from people wanting to become my assistant as I do enquiries from people getting married. I've worked as a photographer for over twenty years and have

How to Beat Akasha

The first-person shooter "Unreal Tournament 3" challenges players to give their all in an unforgiving mission mode. Mission 41 focuses on one of the hardest bosses of the game, Akasha, whom players have been chasing most of the story. Akasha is always at least one skill level above the game's settin

How Digital Photography is Boosting the Fashion Industry?

The growth of digital photography had made it feasible for everyone to capture the perfect moments of their lives better than ever. The big improvement in shutter speed and photo resolution, make it convenient and easy for both beginners and professional photographers to take good pictures.

Beat the Time to be Immortalized

Photography has reached to a new high with the advancement of technology. SLR, DSLR cameras along with several advanced lenses can help to get beautiful photographs. The photos can be manipulated in t

5 Tips for Shooting HDR Photos That Will Make You Say Wow!

Like any style of photography art there is a certain element to creating a High Dynamic range photo (HDR photo) which offers the great wow factor. A superb HDR image is immediately jaw-dropping, with the viewer taken aback by the dramatic scenes of storms, wind blowing, sun poking through clouds or

The Truth About High Definition Digital Cameras

As if we didn't have enough technical gadgets on our minds these days, we seem to be in a period where a lot of these technologies begin to converge.First we had film cameras, then we had digital cameras, then we had digital SLR cameras, then we had high definition TV's, and now we have di

Royalty Free Stock Photos of Families Can Help You Earn More Money

To most of us, family is very important. There are things that we would not do for ourselves; yet we would do these same things for our family. There are times when only the thought that we are doing this for our family is what keeps us going day after day.

True Macro Photography the Inexpensive Way

One of the things that most novice photographers get interested in almost immediately is macro photography. And why not? After all, there are some gripping shots of some really interesting things out there. We just are not accustomed to seeing the small things in life in a very large way. But usuall

How to Master Black & White Photography

Black and white photography gives photos a distinct art form distinct from color photos. Mainly used for its highly artistic and surreal affects, black and white photography can be mastered using a few simple techniques that focus on light, texture and contrast. By developing an eye for black and wh

How to Set Up a Soft Box

A soft box is used in studio photography to diffuse hard light sources, such as flashes, lamps or direct sunlight. The soft box reduces the high-contrast light and softens the appearance of hash shadows and contrast on a subject, allowing for a more natural look. Soft boxes come in a wide range of s

Digital Camera Photo Printing Tips

How can you turn your favourite photos into great prints for your wall using home photo printers? Successful digital camera photo printing is simple, just follow a few short steps to make sure you create accurate reproductions every time. Whether using your printer driver software or or image editin