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Alliteration Famous Poems - Meaning and Example of Alliteration

The sound in poetry plays a vital role which gives it musical rhythms and therefore poems are recited with genuine interest.Alliteration is such quality that gives beauty to the poetry. There are alliteration famous poems that really appeal to the lovers of literature.

Indian Folk Tales My Mother Told

When I was a child our family liked to go camping. As we sat around the campfire in the evening my mother would tell us stories from Indian folk lore. It was always a favorite part of camping for me. This story is about the big dipper which the Indians called Big Bear.

His Wonderful Healing Power

The wonderful and gracious miracles of Christ covered the Earth. Many have been blessed by His grace and have received the light of salvation from His words. This rhyming couplet poem gives a synopsis of some of the miraculous works He performed and is still performing.

Book Review: Twilight By Stephenie Meyer

Twilight is the debut novel by author Stephenie Meyer, and the first in the Twilight series. The story is about the protagonist seventeen year old Isabella Swan, who also goes by the name Bella, who falls in love with Edward Cullen, a vampire. The plot traces Bella's move from to Forks, Washing

Waiting 90 Days for Imminent Death

How many of us have faced imminent execution by an AK-47 pressed against the back of our head. It's a horrific experience impossible to comprehend. Yet, a young woman from the mid-west lived this every day for three months, survived and went on to re-unite with her husband. It's an amazing

The Beautiful Mystery By Louise Penny

This is another Inspector Armand Gamache mystery but the setting is a little different in this book. Gamache and his Sargeant Jean-Guy Beauvoir are called out to a monastery situated literally in the middle of nowhere.

Nebraska Fields (a Short Story)

So, although in a sense Milwaukee (for the few minutes we spent there, and flew out of there in our 1961-Valient, I won't miss the city at all), it wasn't a good experience by far, the racial riots didn't allow that, it was November of 1967, things were hot throughout the United State

Aim To Be An Entrepreneur, Not A Onetrepreneur

One of the tougher tasks for most of us is delegation. Whether the difficulty is due to a tendency toward perfectionism or a lack of trust in the ability of others to do the job as well as we will, most of us resist handing over even mundane tasks associated with our business, therefore assuring tha

The Lost Art of Cooking

Most women have a thing about cookbooks.We own tons of them but how many do we actually use?Hardly any!Why?

The First Service

Here I have a short piece of simple funny story, but you may get some ideas from it after reading it. A young priest went to church for his first service after careful preparation, but when he entered the church; he found that there was only one old farm worker, sitting right in the centre of the ch

Book Review - Think and Grow Rich

Some of his findings like persistence, desire and having a plan will ring true with most people and will serve as a reminder of the things we already know. However other theories like tapping into "Infinite Consciousness" and the forming of an imaginary "mastermind group" will re

What If We Could Remain a Kid Forever?

A child who knows only the language of love, who knows how to care & share and doesn't know that in the world of grown-ups, people often hate each other, they forget to care & share, sometimes all they want is to have everything without sharing.

Review - Chasing Eliot Ness

The story really picks up with the re-entrance of Eliot Ness as he quickly begins to move in on the female character, pumping her for information. The gangster moves to try to prevent this friendship and takes some drastic measures, some of which are a bit more than I expected. The writer goes throu

Ladder Of Years by Anne Tyler

Delia, short for Cordelia, is the central character of Anne Tyler's Ladder Of Years. As usual for Anne Tyler, Delia is a Baltimore resident, a wife, a mother and probably, at least from the outside, a pillar of strength and dependability in both family and community. The children are growing up

Poetic Proverbs No 1

The first of a series. The following collections of short poems, proverbs and quotes is original and spiritually inspired. A sample: Forgiveness is freedom, Choice not to run, Welcome greets wisdom, Better's the deed once done.