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More Exercise Means Less Stress

Stress is a reaction to things happening in your life and as a result you experience a 'fight or flight' reaction by more adrenaline being produced in your blood to enable you to react primitively to the stress by running away from, or staying where you are and fighting the perceived dange

How Do I Balance My Own Needs With Those of Others?

We don't choose our neighbours, nor our bosses and work-mates, not even our relatives. Sometimes these people are uncomfortable to live with, difficult to talk to, or they oppose our hopes and aspirations. How do you deal with the unwelcome challenge of having to respond to what others want tha

S Why Aren't You a Rock Star?

What is standing between you and your Dreams? You've got that dream, that desire. You want to record that album.

Do You Avoid Work?

An increasing number of people are finding that they really do not enjoy their work and are looking for excuses to avoid showing up every day.Simply coming down with the flu does not carry as much weight as it used to.

Cool Guidelines To Dress Up Fast For The Party

There are a number of times when you're in the haste to go to a party and get bewildered about the dressing part. Presented below are 2 tips which will help you get prepared for a party when you're running out of time.

Ten Safe Ways To Express Anger

Anger can be a destructive emotion if not expressed safely. Society tends to make it wrong to express anger, and so people tend to suppress it or express it in a harmful way. Destructive ways of expressing anger can affect our bodies in a harmful way manifesting in a variety of physical and emotiona

The Importance of Self Growth

We all want to achieve as much as possible in this world. The truth of the matter is, we need to make this happen by learning tips on personal growth. The following article will help you to grow as a person.

What is Alcoholism?

Alcoholism is an acute illness that involves excessive ingestion of ethyl alcohol, either in the form of alcoholic drinks or as an ingredient of other substances.

How to Free Yourself From a Narcissist's Abuse in 3 Steps

This article will walk you through 3 crucial steps in recovering from narcissistic abuse in considerable detail. After getting away from narcissistic abuse, the next step is recovery. Especially with emotional abuse, it's a very personal, arduous, conscious and sometimes painful but rewarding p

Positive Thinking - Change Your Thoughts

It can be extremely difficult to change the negative thought that we have and replace them with positive ones instead. But it is worth the time and effort to work on as changing the way you think about things and yourself can give you a whole new view on life and you will attract people and situatio

Happiness is Your Choice

We can have a wonderful day with a few simple suggestions.Remember to smile as it makes you look ten years younger.Give thanks at least twice a day, and remember to be grateful for all you have. You can make the choice happiness or misery for the day.

4 Steps to Upgrading Your Time Management System

We all share the same finite resource - time. No matter what we do, we can't magically add more time into our days, or extend our weeks. Therefore, how well we manage our time, and our tasks, is critical to our overall success...

4 Top Ways Of How To Fight Anxiety

In the past, many people have been suffering from anxiety without knowing the tips that they can use when dealing it with it. The following are some of the tips on how to fight anxiety.

Slumdog Millionaire And The Calcutta Fund.

Dan Boyle’s Oscar-winning film, Slumdog Millionaire, set in the slums of Mumbai, skillfully portrays the conditions of Indian slums and, more importantly, has ignited public interest in the many children who inhabit these slums. In the film, Jamal, Salim and Latika (played by real slum childre